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  1. Hi Tankysteve, Thanks for comment's It is a Kodak easyshare C140. has 8.2 meg, Nice little camera I have with me all the time Pictures taken in Wellington area, pre delivery been carried out and then handed over to Military. But shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone eh lol
  2. Hi Glynn, I was thinking a long the lines of an electric fuel pump as a temporary measure to get it going, but thats after I un-seize the engine. Thank-you for your offer to copy your workshop manual, and I may will take you up on the offer if I can't find any thing local. As for spares, I am sorry to say that the only fuel tanks are on my truck and, as I mentioned in another post my father cut a truck up approx 30 years ago, as he seemed to think he never had enough parts to do anything with that truck. If only!!
  3. Thank-you David, that is a good description and explanation.
  4. Thanks for the link, 200 euro is getting up there! I will talk with the bank manageress
  5. Thanks, The previous owners father bought truck off the army as a wireless, but all I got was the truck as pictured and maybe a little extra which I will reveal at a latter date, if it all pans out
  6. Cool, I have no manuals at all on the "Ant" so any help always appreciated.
  7. Thanks for your reply, I am unfamiliar with these devices and any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks Richard,any leads on were I could purchase one? Sorry "mods" for asking on this thread but it only seems logical as its relevant! (with respect)
  9. Yes thats my truck I have removed that non military compressor off its back today. Maybe I had better start my own thread on EA6939.
  10. The Enhanced Palletised Load System (EPLS) is designed to supplement the existing DROPS vehicles because there are of course not enough of them, by fitting a number of HX77 chassis, which were on the production line, with a HIAB Multilift hooklift system. EPLS is a UOR, the original SV programme did not feature a DROPS replacement and it has pulled vehicles from the existing pool, they are not extras. The main difference between EPLS and the DROPS system is that EPLS can lift standard ISO containers without putting them on a flatrack first, obviously providing much greater flexibility although flatracks are used quite frequently for non container loads like vehicles, trailers or other equipment.
  11. Thanks for your reply David, I will check the truck this weekend for its chassis number, I have seen the contract number plate, but it will take a bit to read. I have posted this picture on another Ant thread, it appears this truck has been known about for quite a long time. The previous owner's Dad used it to sand blast bridge peers around the Wairarapa. He also had jeeps and dodges but they are long gone now.
  12. EA6939 is "rescued" and now in my military vehicle collection outside of Carterton NZ. See my profile for more pictures, This truck has a seized engine and gearbox selector it is missing a drivers door and passengers seat, also the device on the passengers side next to the dashboard (fuel or oil filter)? is missing (any one have mentioned spares they could bare to part with)? Thanks, Brent Delaney. .
  13. Hello David, You may remember me from the early 1980's, you took me for a ride in your GuyAnt GS from Ross Hopkins yard in Hamilton NZ out to his house. I think you had almost finished restoring the truck. Anyway just wanted to say Hi and to add that Gavin and I recently recovered the GuyAnt radio truck out the back of Martinbourgh. (4 years after paying for it ) it has been converted to a compressor truck but is mechanically mostly complete although both engines are seized from being out in the weather for decades! I plan on getting it drivable, but may take the 1950's compressor off the back if it turns out it can't be resurrected. I would probably make up a basic flat deck just to make truck practical. After spending an hour lubricating the heck out of everything I managed to get the brakes to operate (just). Its ironic how things work out as approx 20 years ago Dad cut up the remains of a "Ant" as we did not have enough to do anything with it,:shocked: but he did keep a new radiator for one. Lastly if you look on my profile you can see the truck as recovered a few weeks ago (date stamped) and it now resides amongst the other vehicles in our collection. Kind regards, Brent Delaney :-)
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