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  1. It’s a very heavy clutch. I drove it once off the trailer and parked it. It doesn’t seem to want to shift out of gear so I may need to learn to double clutch.
  2. Have you had your clutch pedal go all the way to the floor? That apparently happens when they sit a while.
  3. Fade is coming to visit

    Ok guys, I’m looking to fly over to the UK in late March and spend two weeks there and in France. This will be my first time traveling abroad. Any places I should visit? I will be renting a motorcycle and tossing my bags on it. Will need to meet up with some people and see some vehicles. I’m a former USMC, current US army guy. Buuut I’ve got some questions for you guys if you don’t mind. Cheers
  4. Front hull number stamped in a welded plate. It's not as long as the other number.
  5. Fadedsun-1980 brdm-2 rkhb vin IIX1### (last three hidden) bought from international repo depot in waller,tx. Add yours.
  6. I am trying to compare the 2 to see if they are interchangeable as far as mounting them in a turret goes.
  7. Artillery tractor
  8. How is yours shifting? Do you have a picture of your shift pattern? im having a tough time getting it in and out of reverse. Do you pull up or push down on th stick to get it into reverse?is double clutching required?
  9. That's super cool to see. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Roughly 8 hours into my possession. Just delivered today. I believe it's Czech, however the tires say made in USSR and many of the instructions are in Cyrillic. %5BURL=http://s517.photobucket.com/user/kcimb/media/money%20pit/EF31E723-6AB8-42E5-8EFC-26BD6A1FDCCC_zpsbft6ufbo.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i517.photobucket.com/albums/u339/kcimb/money%20pit/EF31E723-6AB8-42E5-8EFC-26BD6A1FDCCC_zpsbft6ufbo.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D http://
  11. Wow. It all looked fairly realistic To me. I'm no ww2 tank buff though. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. So it's a real m10? thats how they all are, even in service. Parts don't match, wrong color. Not a worry. if it fits it goes!
  13. Saladin 01CC48 Birthday gift!

    Awesome video!
  14. Where did you find the data plate on your vehicle that showed the age?