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  1. Looking good! Any updates?
  2. fadedsun

    T80U Source?

    No, they are still in front line use all over by Russia, Korea, Ukraine, and a couple others with Ukraine in an active war. Maybe one day
  3. My master cylinder is leaking..how hard to rebuild? Are the components commonly available?
  4. fadedsun

    Brdm2 fuel pump?

    Its not pumping fuel period. I’m thinking an en electric would be best now too. Quick question: are you using gl-4 or gl-5 spec’d 90w oil for the diffs/Trans?
  5. All spot on. I am used to a bike with a light clutch. 16k pounds is heavy
  6. fadedsun

    Brdm2 fuel pump?

    Ordered. 40$ fuel pump, 40$ shipping to America
  7. Where are the reputable sellers? Mine went out
  8. fadedsun

    Panzer 2 turret

    How thick are the plates on the hull? looks good. You could probably make money off this...
  9. fadedsun

    panhard parts

    Ooooh! Panhards. My favorite.
  10. still working on getting the registration done.
  11. Yep, you’re right. Looked like an amt to me. I called the seller and he advised iso-32w...it worked pretty good with that.
  12. Sitting in front of the vehicle now. Clutch goes all the way to the floor. Clutch master cylinder is empty. Doh. manual states no foreign substitute available for amt-10. Thanks all! We originally had some starting problems but it started up sweet and runs but the clutch is going all the way to the floor
  13. Does anyone know what Amt-10 is? Manual says no foreign substitute but my master cylinder is empty.
  14. fadedsun

    BRDM-2 for Sale SOLD

    Where are you located?
  15. I’ve been knackering myself out trying to figure out the modern equivalent to these oils. Ac-8 is 10w/30 engine oil, got that. What does “hypoid gears of cargo trucks” have an equivelamt in? The manual states gx80 but I haven’t been able to find any. Or GOST 6267-4 GOST 9433-60 GOST 2712-75 most of these appear to be older oils that were phased out years ago and aren’t found anymore. What are you guys using as replacements? I’m copying directly from the maintenance manual.