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  1. fadedsun

    M4 gurus lend me your ear

    Have the possibility of picking up a pair or more of the twin Diesel engines from the m4a2 along with some transmissions and other parts. Can I share the pics and get an idea of what I have on hand? thanks
  2. fadedsun

    Fade is coming to visit

    My trip was a success y’all. Went to IWM duxford, Paris, sandringham, burleigh House, poppies fish and chips down town, the London eye, and had a blast downtown and in Paris. I wasn’t able to make war and peace this year but I will do my best to make it next year!
  3. fadedsun

    Fade is coming to visit

    I’m coming from 105 degree weather, this will be an improvement!
  4. fadedsun

    Ozzie Saladin

    Looks good! I have a bunch of army trained mechanics here for the humvee if you have a question.
  5. fadedsun

    Fade is coming to visit

    Sorry for the lack of replies mates, been busy with army work. Flying out on the 22nd. Hitting up Paris, London, and bovington. I have a lady friend who will be occupying most if not all of my time so I’ll be busy. Bollocks, guess I gotta come back another time ya wankers!
  6. Looking good! Any updates?
  7. fadedsun

    T80U Source?

    No, they are still in front line use all over by Russia, Korea, Ukraine, and a couple others with Ukraine in an active war. Maybe one day
  8. My master cylinder is leaking..how hard to rebuild? Are the components commonly available?
  9. fadedsun

    Brdm2 fuel pump?

    Its not pumping fuel period. I’m thinking an en electric would be best now too. Quick question: are you using gl-4 or gl-5 spec’d 90w oil for the diffs/Trans?
  10. All spot on. I am used to a bike with a light clutch. 16k pounds is heavy
  11. fadedsun

    Brdm2 fuel pump?

    Ordered. 40$ fuel pump, 40$ shipping to America
  12. Where are the reputable sellers? Mine went out
  13. fadedsun

    Panzer 2 turret

    How thick are the plates on the hull? looks good. You could probably make money off this...
  14. fadedsun

    panhard parts

    Ooooh! Panhards. My favorite.
  15. still working on getting the registration done.