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  1. sirhc

    DAF T244

    Try http://www.comptons2000.co.uk/
  2. sirhc

    DAF T244

    The paint colour in NATO Green BS381C shade 285. You should have no problem buying it online. Try Trade Paints, Marcus Glenn, eBay or get it mixed at your local supplier.
  3. There is a tow bar which fits across the back door of a Spartan etc. Some turreted variants have the 2 attachment points for this, most only have one towing eye in the middle. You won’t find a photo of anyone towing anything with a turreted variant other than another disabled vehicle because they never needed to tow a trailer with a recce vehicle in service. They had trucks for that.
  4. Have you tried looking for it on thexmod.com?
  5. sirhc

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Deleted the duplicate. 😃
  6. sirhc

    CVRT break downs

    I've only had a few issues in 15 years or so of ownership. The first Spartan broke down the first time out because the fuel tank was full of water and debris. Got home by rigging up some clean petrol into the carb. A few years later at Beltring in 2007 in the mud we lost steering in one direction, resolved by cleaning the cylinders and bleeding again. My Sabre broke down at Beltring in 2011 due to a dodgy coil. Worked fine when it had cooled down, but embarrassing when doing a convoy round the site. I replaced the coil with one bought in the stalls. The diesel Spartan was delivered at the farm and ran perfectly fine when thrashed around the fields etc. When I drove it home it died in about the same spot as the petrol Spartan, water and debris in the fuel tank. Got it home and on the drive with the help of an RB44. It also broke down in Hythe on a road run when the nut holding the ball joint for the throttle cable on came loose and bounced around the engine bay. We towed it back to the camp site with the Striker. Scimitar drove into its first show in a smoke screen, resolved by backing off the handbrake bands a bit. I've also been called out to rescue a Striker when the final drive locked up on a roundabout. We removed the track on that side and towed it home. Loss of rubber on the wheels is also a common problem, I always take a spare anywhere we go, along with a recovery A frame.
  7. sirhc

    Spotted today....

    Probably practice for this? https://www.raf.mod.uk/raf100/news/10-july-centenary-celebrations/
  8. sirhc

    Jeep ignition timing

    The oiler should be at the top, you have it on upside down.
  9. sirhc

    WANTED - MK/MJ Canvas Roof Panel

    Order one from the same place the MoD do. They are good to deal with. http://www.comptons2000.co.uk/
  10. sirhc

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    The 'Bling' Ferret may well have suited the taste of the guy who built it, but it was for sale on and off for more than 10 years without finding a buyer. If it was left stock it would have sold no problem. This is the point I was making about keeping all the parts.
  11. sirhc

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    DVLA shows it’s not been taxed since 2015.
  12. sirhc

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    You could try buying this book: http://www.bookworldws.co.uk/9011-tankograd-british-special-recce-p-3346.html others in the series are also good. Not sure why you need camo on your vehicle, with all those shiny bits etc?
  13. sirhc

    Your exhort angle

    This is the correct tail pipe for yours: https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=12647&t=Pipe_Exhaust_Tail_Pipe_FV839432 it should point out parallel to the ground.
  14. sirhc

    6 or 12v jeep?

    Think of the cost savings if we could get away with hollow cables everywhere...
  15. sirhc

    Gun mount as in pictures

    That mount is only of any use to you if you want to mount a Bren. There is a similar one for a GPMG. If you want to mount anything else you'll need to either make one up or find out what vehicle that kind of gun might have been mounted on and investigate what mounts exist.