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  1. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/17733-sabre-chain-gun/?tab=comments#comment-228054
  2. It’s not light stone, that’s the yellow colour used as desert camouflage.
  3. I would have thought so in the brake bands and heat shield materials.
  4. They aren’t painted red to look pretty. I suggest a good read of the manual before doing yourself or the vehicle any harm.
  5. Red = danger. Do you have a user manual?
  6. Hi Diana, I’m surprised they don’t fit the glass lenses, I’ve used glass lenses on a Land Rover before when someone stole the plastic ones over night at Beltring. Chris
  7. https://www.milweb.net/dealers/trader/tanked_up_military/ I have an up to date email address for Shaun if you need it.
  8. You could try asking here: https://www.eics-products.co.uk
  9. Looks like half of a no. 17 periscope.
  10. Not Rarden, this is a Rarden one...
  11. D of Q is denomination of quantity. For example ‘each’ if bagged individually. The number you’ve quoted is the NSN.
  12. I’m collecting ESPIRE bits as they turn up. Still need the armoured shroud though.
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