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  1. sirhc

    My first CVRT - road registering question

    Hi Richard, See here: https://www.mvt.org.uk/verification Do you have a receipt for the vehicle showing it was bought in the UK from the MoD? I have registered 4 CVRTs, sometimes they go through with no issues, sometimes you get a jobsworth who insists on making it hard work. Good luck, Chris
  2. sirhc

    Blinged Ferret Again

    "It is unknown when it was released into civilian life but it was first registered with the current registration number in 2004." It was sold off in 1993, sounds like the current owner hasn't tried very hard to find out the history.
  3. sirhc

    Saxon armoured car .

    98KF95 will probably be in Jordan with the rest of the Saxons. They were lined up at Withams for a while. 5 Dec 2002 1 MERCIAN 16 Jan 2003 24 Aug 2005 4RIFLES 24 Aug 2005 23 Feb 2006 TFSU (UK) 1 Mar 2006 22 Jan 2007 JSCS ASHCHURCH 3 Feb 2007 11 Jun 2007 WITHAM (SPECIALIST VEHICLES) LTD 6 Jul 2007 20 Mar 1988 VEHICLE DEPOT LUDGERSHALL 21 Mar 1988 27 Jul 1989 2 RGJ REAR PARTY 22 Aug 1989 24 Aug 1989 2 RGJ 24 Aug 1989 16 Mar 1991 3 RGJ 17 Mar 1991 24 Aug 1992 4RIFLES 24 Aug 1992 14 May 1993 1YORKS 14 May 1993 16 Mar 1995 OP GRAPPLE BRITBAT 2 16 Mar 1995 3 Dec 1996 ABRO WARMINSTER PLANNED REPAIR. 5 Dec 1996 3 Dec 1996 2RIFLES 3 Dec 1996 3 Dec 1996 OP RESOLUTE - 1 RFF 3 Dec 1996 20 Oct 1997 JSCS ASHCHURCH 21 Oct 1997
  4. sirhc

    Panzer 2 turret

    CVRT final drives are the easy bit to find and they are not expensive. Gearboxes are expensive though, expect to pay £2k for a good petrol one and quite a lot more for diesel.
  5. sirhc

    Panzer 2 turret

    Try Andrew Baker, https://cvrtpro.com/
  6. sirhc

    Sabre track tension spec

    If the track tensioner is fully extended but you don’t have enough track tension then it has stretched and it’s time to take a link out.
  7. sirhc

    Matching numbers

    The estimator gives US Army numbers, the M number is British.
  8. sirhc

    Can't display full page

    Hi Clive, Is there a shield next to the website URL in the address bar? If so this might help: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tracking-protection Chris
  9. sirhc

    Can't display full page

    Looks like your laptop is not displaying the style sheets which control the fonts and colours etc. There might be a setting for this, it may be called CSS.
  10. sirhc

    British Army 12 x 12 Tent

    Google is your friend https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/406073/20150218-FOI2015_01474_tent_AESP_enclosure.pdf
  11. sirhc

    Ferret armor ID numbers?

    Drawing number for the plate?
  12. sirhc

    cvrt track change

    If you don’t have space you can do it how I did mine: http://www.livesteammodels.co.uk/dhmg/sabre001.html
  13. sirhc

    CVRT Generator problem

    If the red light on the switch box is lit it is charging. You can connect a meter to the inspection lamp socket or the slave socket and see if you’re getting 28V with the engine running to confirm.
  14. sirhc

    CVRT Samson Winch Operation?

    If you scroll up to the photos posted earlier you can see the winch, the back door and the rope hanging over the pulley above the door.
  15. sirhc

    CVRT Samson Winch Operation?

    In the back!