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  1. Not sure you’ll find a manual, it’s just a case of take some bits off and put others on. https://www.allwheeltrim.co.uk/Frames.html
  2. It is not that difficult to swap them over.
  3. There are 2 types of hatches. The turreted variants have a hatch which opens by sliding to one side, the other variants have a hatch which hinges forwards. I’ve never measured the sizes but if you’re worried about fitting though it the hardest part is not getting in but getting back out again.
  4. The engine and transmission is actually ‘sky blue’ and is BS381C shade 101.
  5. I doubt it as the DVLA take this when you register it and you don’t get it back.
  6. Marcus Glenn has some bits but there are not a lot of parts around. What do you need? I have a few bits.
  7. You can buy 12 way cable from RS and make them to suit. You need a lot of patience and a small soldering iron.
  8. The cables to the RJB are 12 pin, but the end where they plug into the RJB is a unique plug not the standard Clansman plug. The last few I’ve done I ended up making the cables. You can sometimes find the ends (try Green Machine Surplus) and solder them to a standard 12 way cable the right length.
  9. Don’t upload it here, link to its original source instead?
  10. No. 42 is a CVRT Spartan/Striker cupola periscope.
  11. Does the engine have a chain or gear driven cam? Spent ages trying to get mine to start before reading the gear driven distributor spins in the opposite direction so 2 plug leads need to be swapped.
  12. If you want to use the headsets and throat mikes you posted in the first photo then these boxes are the easiest and cheapest way to do it. If you can find the cables you can make up the intercom kit yourself quite cheaply. There will be other civilian options but you would end up with modern headsets.
  13. You can make a basic intercom using Clansman crew boxes. Look on eBay there are sellers who sell kits, but you only really need an IB3 and a couple of ( CB2s (Crew box 2 set) and 12 way cables etc. You could then use those headsets.
  14. I never once mentioned hull number in any of my dealings registering those vehicles. The last one was my Scimitar in 2015. Send me a private message if you need help filling in a V55. I don’t know where you are in the country or who you’re dealing with at the MVT, but you should make it clear to them that the only identification number available is the military number, it ties up with the data plate and the vehicle history. If I were you I’d get a fresh form and start the DVLA process again with a letter from the MVT stating that the vehicle is xxFFxx as per the data plate and was built in 1980 as per the history card.
  15. The hull number is largely irrelevant as it is not recorded anywhere other than on the vehicle. Use the MoD registration number as the VIN, this is on the data plate. I’ve done 4 CVRTs, a Ferret, Fox and a FV432 using the mod number as the VIN. Chris
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