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  1. sirhc

    CVRW FOX where is the hull number located

  2. sirhc

    Unaccompanied towing

    Easiest option is put it on a trailer or a beaver tail truck.
  3. sirhc

    Looking for a project 432 or CVRT

    Hi Matthew, What in your eyes constitutes a project and how much are you looking to spend? Anything with a turret is going to be expensive. Marcus Glenn has some Scorpions in stock. I know of a Samson that may be for sale, all there but needs putting together. Chris
  4. I think you will end up doing less miles than you think you will. Although driving a CVRT on the roads can be enjoyable, when you have got to get home, it's November, raining, dark and you still have 30 miles to go it can be hard work. You won't be using it to go and pick up some milk from the shop, or doing a trip to the beach for fish and chips like you might a classic car. If you are going to visit Andrew at the Alvis Fighting Vehicle Society you will be visiting one of the largest stocks of spares. How do you define sensible cost? Track cost the MoD something like £18,000 a set, prices on the civilian market can vary from a few hundred £ for some take off track to thousands for new. You can't buy track at ATS, when you need it you have to buy what is available. If you don't need it, and it becomes available you need to have the money and space to store it. This applies to most parts for these vehicles. You also have to remember they are still in service with several armed forces around the world so any new spares which become available tend to get hoovered up by dealers and exported. How soon are you looking to buy? It would be worth visiting some of the larger shows such as War & Peace as you'll be able to see a good selection of vehicles in the same place and talk to the owners. Chris
  5. CVRT has separate main and steering brakes, you have tillers for steering and a pedal for stopping. FV430 Mk1 or 2 just has 2 tillers, to stop you have to pull them both back evenly. CVRT does not have replaceable pads. When they are worn you change the track. FV430 does have replaceable pads.
  6. FV432 does not have a separate braking system and they are wide. I prefer to drive CVRT on the roads, others may have a different opinion. The tracks are fitted with rubber pads, the pads wear out faster on roads than on mud or grass, but that’s what they are designed to do. Chris
  7. sirhc

    H license

    How would anyone ever know what vehicle you passed your test in?
  8. sirhc


    Google Challenger 2 photos..
  9. sirhc

    Wanted - CVRT Damper Link Assembly

    Good to hear you’ve found one. CVRTPRO is Andrew Baker. Easier to phone him and turn up with cash.
  10. sirhc

    Wanted - CVRT Damper Link Assembly

  11. sirhc

    Wanted - CVRT Damper Link Assembly

    Have you tried the big shed near Rugby?
  12. sirhc

    Wanted - CVRT Damper Link Assembly

    Sorry Mark, I no longer have any Armstrong damper parts. One of these does keep appearing on eBay or you could try thexmod. There are slightly longer ones which look the same but are for snow use. Chris
  13. sirhc

    Plug Removal Tools, Ferret and what?

    I think the Fox plug is the same size as Ferret (it’s been a while) but the Fox flywheel tool is longer.
  14. sirhc

    My first CVRT - road registering question

    Hi Richard, See here: https://www.mvt.org.uk/verification Do you have a receipt for the vehicle showing it was bought in the UK from the MoD? I have registered 4 CVRTs, sometimes they go through with no issues, sometimes you get a jobsworth who insists on making it hard work. Good luck, Chris
  15. sirhc

    Blinged Ferret Again

    "It is unknown when it was released into civilian life but it was first registered with the current registration number in 2004." It was sold off in 1993, sounds like the current owner hasn't tried very hard to find out the history.