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  1. like it like it...........any idea of its date of manufacture , it looks like a WW2 pattern rather than a post war model .Any idea of what colour you are going to paint it? I was informed that all RAF vehicles during WW2 were painted green wether that also covers bomb trolleys I`ve no idea?
  2. Hi Julian I remember them well , I did get one of you and your mates many years ago ,I just wished I had kept it as it was in a blemish free condition , not one crack in any of the Perspex panels. Little did I know that I would end up restoring an Lancaster upper turret as well , never mind I might have another one coming .
  3. Thanks very much for the replys , i might just have an upper turret cupola on its way which will get the Lancaster upper turret well on its way to looking some thing like, For that model of turret i am looking for the hrydraulic and oxygen slip ring which is mounted on the underside of the turret floor section.
  4. tailgunner

    B17F turret

    As you can see its a sperry made upper turret of a B17F that came of an aircraft that had been cut up at USAAF base Burtonwood , i have tried various museums ,collectors and forumns to try and find the missing parts but with no luck todate! Do you know of any bits that might help to complete this turret?
  5. Hi Paul I have just sent a reply to your pm , i will going over to east kirkby soon as i need to measure there FN50 upper turret as thats another turret i am in the process of restoring plus a couple more..................i think ive got a turret fetish i must start taking pills for it!:nut: thorpe camp had also passed my mind i will give them a try as well............TA!
  6. Hi Danny Thanks very much for your reply , FN stands for Frazer Nash a british company that used to make turrets for the Airministry during WW2. This model of turret was also used on the wellington and Stirling bombers.
  7. Hi , i`m in the process of trying to restore a Lancaster bomber FN5 front gun turret ,can any body help with parts . I am in need of a turret ring , gunsight mount brackets and arms and lastly the perspex cupola. Always intrested in dug up parts or even parts that have come out of the sea!
  8. whats the future of this chassis , has it been saved? If not can it be saved............
  9. Hi eddy heres some pictures of your carrier for the rest of the crowd to look at , as you can see, you now have some of the replacement parts in situ but i still need the location dimensions of the drivers viewing slot , may be some one out there can help? Your new lower back panel has also been marotten sections of the floor. When you pop over to bobs can you bring with you the two hinges for the front triangular top armour section TA!
  10. apparantly some time after the war, quite a number of the captured german aircraft were damaged in a storm? a mate of mine who had no intrest in aviation at the time (he certainly does now)used to be a JCB driver , he remembers he had to bury a lot of the wreckage some where away from the airfield. Can he remember where.........NO! He has wracked his brain but to this day he cant remember, other than engines ,props , wheels ,fuselage sections ,you name it , it went in the hole:???............dam and blast! i wonder if hypnosis would work?
  11. Now you have got me going..... Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster ......why not i like lancasters... B17 B17 B17 what the hell B17 Typhoon , typhoon ,typhoon i think i`m running out of space Auster AOP5 ,oxford some thing different ,mustang , hurricane ,fw190 i reckon i could possibily just squeeze in there a MB5 ..... Can i have another hanger?
  12. The only thing i have are one wheel assembly and one new track pad if thats of any help?
  13. Hi tim When i purchased the rear body , the chap gave me a full sized outline of his doors and frames plus some dimensions so hopefully they should come out ok? fingers crossed what i am looking for are the dimensions of the chassis top cross members. These are the ones with lower cut out and which the ammo body bolts to , you can clearly see them on that lovely olive drab painted Quad. I hope to have the canvas dyed green within the next month and sown up by my far hands , thats if i can control my sowing machine............ The end result will be have the hoop sticks painted , canvas on and fitted to the seat .Talk about doing things back to front , the engine is`nt even fitted yet but i am a great believer in doing some thing rather than nothing and every thing has to be done at some point?.......colin
  14. what a lovely job , can`t wait until mine is looking that good. i think this years job is to make a new set of rear doors for the ammo body and fabricate the upper chassis cross members that hold the body to the chassis. Until then heres the latest bits for the truck , new valve covers just need two more to make a full set.the very rusty thing in the right hand side of these covers is one of the original ones. Another piece of the jigsaw.................
  15. Tim I can quite honestly say that my engine was in far worse state than your friends , it was just red rusty all over. it looked like it had been outside for sixty years and it was`nt as oily inside so with this in mind , i reckon he should be able to remove the pistons like i did. Before i even attempted it, i made sure the cylinder bores were as clean as i could get them just by rubbing the rust off with emery paper. the pistons that were at the top (TDC) were actually the easiest ones to get out?
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