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  1. There is no getting around the change of spec, that was placed into UK law by TM when she was HS. Holders of old spec deacts have until sometime in 2022 to notify the 'authority' that they hold them. All changes of ownership must be with new spec deacts, with new penalties coming into force from Dec 12. If I remember correctly (I may be wrong) you are not allowed to do work on your own property to bring them up to the new spec and submit for re-proofing. It has been suggested that the limited number of places which are authorised to do the work will create a backlog of some 20-30 years to do them all, as well as another backlog within the proof house. Having learnt a great deal from the expensive pistol surrender, they are working quietly towards a mass 'voluntary' scrappage scheme, without compensation.
  2. Yes it was and I have the two original tax discs for my machine, but as I have returned to W.D. specification the scenario is that it remained in service with the W.D. post-war staying within the UK, so would it have displayed an ordinary tax disc, (which I have) or would the W.D. have something of their own at that time?
  3. My newly running Triumph 3HW, was actually sold off in 1947, but had she remained in service in the UK, would she have displayed a tax disc and if so, what type? Thanks in anticipation.........Gareth
  4. It was being worked on at the Havenstreet 40's weekend. it didn't go to the steam show when the pigs were on.
  5. SHE'S ALIVE!! Thanks to the splendid efforts of fellow 3HW owner and good friend Peter Brown, my 1945 Triumph 3HW ran today for the first time since I bought it in 1985, and probably for the first time since 1947, when it was put in an East Cowes shed. Several attempts to get it going had been made at the Havenstreet Steam Railway 40's show, without success, which was hardly surprising as it would appear I put the timing gears back 90 degrees out when I fettled the engine twenty plus years ago (I was still learning). I am delighted that Peter's efforts have been rewarded, so a photo of his moment of triumph with my Triumph.
  6. I have sent you a PM.

    Enjoy 🙂 


  7. thank you one and all, an interesting collection of documents had to be stuffed into those little wallets.
  8. You often see the plastic MOD vehicle document wallets for sale, but apart from a natty piece of plywood, I have never seen what they contained, what a document set would look like or what was recorded on said bumf. Anybody got any photos of the contents or could enlighten me on what they contained? Does anyone religiously fill one in for their own MV?
  9. Sorry forgot that part of the question tin primary cover, field stand and pannier racks, all in nice black when purchased.
  10. It was used by a chap who was RN working in Portsmouth, but had home bunking leave at East Cowes, so every shift he rode it from there to wet end of Ryde pier and back, then he was transferred to Gib, so the bike was only taxed and used for 9 months, its got 5006 miles on the clock,m it then stayed in his shed till the mid 80's.
  11. It is possible it was the local bike dealer, as their logo was on the rear number plate over the black paint, which as I said was sprayed. I am just curios why there is an alloy oil-pump cover on a late production bike, seems like an unnecessary upgrade in some ways, also it implies they were available, if fitted post war, we will never know for certain.
  12. Interesting! As i have said my bike is Feb 1945 made, and has never left the UK, so its not an Indian return. Was there an official' civilianisation programme for unissued military bikes by Triumph to try and fill the post-war demand? My bike when I got it was sprayed black, had full rubber furniture, and the alloy oil-pump cover. There were no markings on the tank when I rubbed it down. I have heard that Triumph had a buy back programme from the Goverment, so they could quickly turn complete bikes around for the civilian market, can anyone confirm this? Leyland had a buy back scheme in place at the end of WW1, which proved very successful, so it was done.
  13. Quick question as starting up day is getting closer (I hope), are there any special actions I should take to run my 3HW on the modern rubbish they now call petrol? I have the valve seat additive, should I need to be concerned about the ethanol content any other things I should think of to ensure good practice.....Ta! Gareth
  14. Ok, I wasn't thinking so much of theft, more battery drain and inadvertent short-out.
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