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  1. Are they the same engine as used in the Ford V8 Pilot? Also used in the Fordson Thames Trucks in the Army Post-war I believe?
  2. Chris, Your Pension will be enable you to manage. A 'simple job' will keep you occupied & 'Happy'! ( & Hopefully Sane! ) The job these days is run by 'Laptop Kings' bent on as you say. Statistics & Targets. MORE Pressure on Officers to attain those levels. Fast Tracked Uni Grads who have no idea of reality on the Streets. Out of touch & THINK they know it all! No wonder that a LOT of officers leave the service after approx. 6 years!.....Society these days makes Me quite sad at times!.....☹️
  3. Report post BASC Guidance on changes to Firearms Legislation 12th December 2019 A further explanation with the appropriate contact details etc. Also contains links to the various regs defining "deactivation" No Fruit I'm afraid yes I have just seen this. It would seem they are applying a similar implementation on D/Acts as a Live F/Arm regarding sales & transfers? The two subjects are Poles apart!... You would think that you might as well apply for a Certificate for Live weapon's as Chris has stated. As have to Notify lumps of inert metal transfers?.. If they are Inundated with live Cert applications. They might bring pressure to have this dropped perhaps? Just a thought? The workload would be ENOURMOUS!!! & indeed, Unmanageable I would think? There is also no provision for notification for a change of address. Should the Transferee Move from his Notified address? The work involved in this. Does not bear thinking about!!!.....I'm sure there will be many other shortcomings with this legislation? It is ill thought out, difficult to enforce. & Unwanted by FEOs & collectors alike I would say? I'm sure thier valuable time could be utilised in Better areas of a Practical Nature?.... Perhaps it's easier to collect fruit, than Deacts I would venture? Lol.
  4. Qoute: Well you are perfectly at leave to test your theory in court, but the EU have pressurized the Goverment into stating that its deactivation specifications were defective, and ALL current de-acts will have to be brought up to the new spec' when they leave your possession either by sale, transfer or death. The Goverment didn't make a mistake, it standards just weren't up to the panic stricken thrashings of the EU, post Paris shootings. Intially they wanted to scrap everything. There is little chance these laws will be repealed even if we leave the EU because the aim of the UK Goverment is standardization with EU law where ever possible. What is a kick, as I understand it, you cannot do the work yourself, it has to be through an approved company/person and it has been estimate that it may take up to 35 years to get the work done, let alone through the proof houses. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not down to Me thanks! The question was about Registration. If you read the specification for a live Firearm & a Deactivated F/Arm. They are worlds apart. I have talked with sec.5 dealers about this. Who have consulted with F.E.O's. Who are very concerned at all the extra work they would not be able to handle!.. They say they can barely cope with Live Certificate renewals as it is! A live F/A is obviously registered & accountable. A D/Act is a Nothing. unrestricted & does NOT fit the criteria or indeed the DESCRIPTION of a F/Arm. These people are aware that some sales of Deacts. not of upto date specs. are going on. they are not interested I am informed?. If it is D/A properly, & is certified it is Harmless. they do not have to time or resources to waste on D/A's as such. It would never have been inspected, passed & certified as such. if it was not properly Deactivated would it? I assume There are far more serious topics they need to enforce I would guess? The reason that No one to date has been taken to court on Non Compliant D/A Sales I am told. Is that: 1, if they were officially certified & passed as a D/A originally. They are harmless. & 2, If they did decide to take the chance to pursue a case of a sale on a D/Act & lost. This would set a case precedent & all owners could then pretty much do what they liked!...They really wouldnt want THAT! Would they? Not my Thoughts. Just what I was told by some Sec.5 Dealers As an aside, I used to be a Police Officer myself. as a secondary Career. After leaving the Army. I have been out now over 29 years. I received a letter recently, inviting Me back to 'The Job'. As a Civilian employee. Doing a similar job, but in a Civy role using my Skills & knowledge. Acquired in that Profession. It just shows how under resourced the Force is!....
  5. The cost of the 'Approved' security for that will be VERY expensive I would venture?...
  6. Google search it. Bannisters, parts for Military vehicles. They are in Northeim, Kent.
  7. Do you mean the Coax ridged mount, beside the main armament. for the L43 Ranging MG?
  8. These are known as OG's. ( Olive Greens ) & were far superior to the later versions. The OGs are made from Cotton & of good quality. The later Working dress trousers were in Nylon & MUCH Cheaper. & that is why they were introduced. CHEAPER to make & subsequently inferior quality!.... When I was attached to the Paras in the Mid eighties. The OGs were MUCH sought after. & we were allowed to wear them as well as the Green Nylon trousers. They were much valued in the field also, as the OGs were a wider cut to the leg. & you could take a pair of soaking wet OGs off. Without having to remove your boots first! Unlike the Nylon versions, of which you could not do this! An appreciated feature when you are tired, cold & Wet on Exercise! The rapid ability to put on warm dry clothing with the minimum of effort! 👍
  9. I would say Child Molesters, rapists & Insurgents are far more important to target!..Oh no, that would mean they would actually have to work at that. Wouldnt they?... Time better invested, rather that trying to frighten Law Abiding Collectors. & losing any support or sympathy when things go wrong for THEM, I would say?...
  10. Can anyone say how a lump of Metal. That has been OFFICIALLY declassified & struck off as a Firearm. is no longer a F/Arm & a harmless lump of metal. Basically something you can do pretty much anything you want to . Because it is NO LONGER a F/Arm.. Except of course try to convert it to fire!! Suddenly has to be 'registered'? It is no longer a dangerous Item. Has been OFFICIALLY inspected, passed & certified to that FACT. You might as well say a car is more dangerous than one of these OFFICIALLY classified lumps of scrap! The act of deactivation was passed into Law by the Government. As once d/Activated it is NO LONGER A WEAPON. & an Uncontrolled item. The same as tools, books, clothing & as pretty well anything else you can think of!! So unless a 'Dangerous' object which is has been OFFICIALLY removed from in that category. You dont have to do Anything I would surmise? It cannot 'Suddenly' become so much a concern. Once declassified OFFICIALY!... That is like saying, This orange will hurt you. Now the peel has been removed. it CANNOT!....So WHY is the 'Orange' so much of a 'Concern' now it has no Peel?...……... The act was PASSED & AGREED upon. So if the all knowing, all powerful Government. Have agreed that. I have never heard of them agreeing to them ever being 'Wrong', or making a 'Mistake'. Have you?.... So If it's a OFFICIALLY Declassified lump of metal you dont HAVE to do anything. Do you?....Or IF you are saying YOU actually did make a 'Mistake'. YOU will have to compensate owners, wont you?....On No, you never make Mistakes. do you?…….
  11. Note the holes under the passenger seat. They would have taken the screws for the footman loops. For storing the Tilt when not deployed on the Jeep. Agreed, the wire mount under this seat is most definately Post War. & can be bought These Days with the Fire extinguisher.
  12. Hi Match! I wasnt, but Obvs am now! Many Thanks, you have 'Lit up my Day'!.....Lol Cheers! Mike.
  13. Shout out to owners / Members with knowledge on the IF.8 Infantriekarren. I am seeking information & spare parts if available. I have owned three of these over the years. & regret selling them! Now I am restoring & building one up from some original parts Etc. I have learnt that there are some interesting differences. On various models & manufacturers variants, This would make an excellent subject for a small book! There is a lot more to these, Than the simple label of 'An Infantry trailer'!....;) Please get in touch for a chat / discussion on these marvellous little Trailers! Many Thanks. Mike.
  14. Hotcho's appear regularly on MILWEB.
  15. Sounds like a new trend? 100 ways to Kill a Military vehicle show! 😳…..
  16. I have found on Many Occasions. That any unwanted 'Input' from Rivet counters. Usually opens to discovery, that they in the Main. Dont even Own an Ex Military Vehicle!...… 😎 I was also amused on one occasion, to overhear an 'Expert' Telling His Wife. 'Oh Yes, these were used in the desert in WWII'. With regards to an Austin K9 Radio Truck, & also a Saracen. That were parked up next to Me at a show once!....Excellent 'Entertainment' I thought at the time. But. Because it was so hot on that Day. I really couldn't be bothered to 'Bait' him. & elicit even more rubbish that would have undoubtedly have emanated from his Mouth!...🙄
  17. I guess you could say, The Manufacturers now. 'Aint got no Soul'!...…………...Ill get 'Me coat!...….🤓
  18. & so is this the beginning of the slow Death rattle of W&P, as some have predicted?...... A Lot of Major Dealers were noticeable by thier absence also here in the 2019 show as well...….
  19. I have not needed to do this myself. But I believe others on Here, Have had thier steel rims 'Re-Tyred'. There are specialist manufacturers who can do this. It might also be worth contacting GKN Sankey who made the 432 series. To enquire as to who they used / use. As thier wheel suppliers? Just a couple of options, should you not get any offers on wheels up for grabs on Here.
  20. Nice finish, though you would have thought the owner might have fitted a Black Battery!....😎
  21. Just a Small Correction Webkitleftover. It is B.A.O.R Not BOAR. = British Army Of the Rhine. A Common error
  22. There were at the time Two Baton guns ORIGINALY in Service at the start, & through the mid period of 'The Troubles'. The L48 & the L67, identical to look at like the top one dipicted in the original post on here. The difference was, one was smooth bored. & the other had a Rifled Bore. The Nomenclature was Engraved on the side of them after workshops conversion. The sling used on them was a Modified Tan '37 Pattern webbing one. The Butt plate also had Two 1" holes in it. This allowing the metal sling LOOP to be turned 180 Degrees. & fed through the Bottom hole. Loop turned back to it's original position & the remainder of the sling fed through it. The plate also had rounded ends like the Sten T Butt. NOT squared ended ones on the rectangular one above. The 'Sterling' Pattern sling clip that was put on these Modified slings. Then clipped to the front Barrel Band Sling loop attachment point. The Baton gun dipicted above has a Fake butt assembly on it. A LOT of these were 'Made' by a well known Gun Dealer Friend of Mine. Genuine 1.5" Signal pistols. Genuine New Unused Barrels obtained from Enfield when it closed were fitted. & the butts were 'Made' up & welded on. They are not the correct profile or size. It is also missing the FOLDING three aperture rear sight. Each hole, starting at the bottom. was for: 25, 50 & 75 Yards Range. the front sling band is not correct either. It SHOULD be 1/2" down from the muzzle. With a small loop underneath to accept the 'Sterling' sling clip. & ALSO have a foresight on it. They were Non removable, unlike the Federal ones. Which also incorporated a swivelling / folding sling loop. The lower dipicted Riot gun I recall was named 'The Federal', & was introduced to supplement the insufficient Numbers of L48 & 67 Guns in Service back then.
  23. Morning All! Problem solved! As No One was able to reply on this small Difficulty. I did some enquiring with MD.Juan who manufacture Jeep Parts. The Nipple size is 3/8 NF. So I have obtained one off of 'That' Auction site. & It's in the post as I write this! Hopefully, this small snippet of info, MAY be of use to others in the Future?
  24. Hi Fellow Members! A silly little thing, but needed! Does anyone have, a grease nipple that fits the Lunette eye casting. (The one on the side) For an MBT T-3, Or Bantam 1/4 Ton Trailer. Failing that, the thread size for one of these Nipple's Please? Always the way, a small thing holding up a restoration! 😕 Many Thanks in advance. Mike.
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