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  1. L67 & L48 Baton Guns were introduced for the N.I 'Campaign'. They were made from modified No:1 1.1/2" Very Pistols. Later on there was a U.S Wooden Butt Version that supplemented stocks already being used there also. I forget the designation, I think it was a Federal Baton Gun?
  2. I have done so in the past Geoff.
  3. I missed that one! Otherwise I would have had it!.....
  4. Dependant on unit / location. A Small Map of the Garrison Area.
  5. Horses for courses John. In this particular case, poignant. As it was a race Course! LOL As for CMV, I havent bought that rag for MANY years now!
  6. Is there a 'Shortage' of them then? I have a Bread Basket with about 50 sets. With various Adaptor brackets. Best I dig them out, & start selling them on 'That' Auction site!...…
  7. The Higher mounted clips were for the SLR L1A1 Rifle. & the lower pair for the L2A3 SMG.
  8. Geoff, I Totally Concur! I Really Liked the Atmos Etc at Folkstone too. A Fresh Venue with lot's of Greenery & due to being on a slope on one side of the displays. You could look down & view almost everything from where you stood! There was more than sufficient room for camping & the potential space there. For so many more vehicles etc. You would never fill those areas! The show moved before the five years lease was up, & as far as I know. The venue is still empty? I would like to see a Major show reappear there again, I have to say. Very sad to see W&P move back to Beltring, but there you are! Some People I know, didnt like the Folkstone venue. But that is People for you. We all have different ideas of what We like & where shows are I would say? If a Show opened again at Folkstone, I for one. Would heartily support it!
  9. In 1984 I was attached to 2 L.I in B.A.O.R. The L85A1 was just coming to the unit then. The SLRs & SMGs were still retained in use. Until the units full holding strength was achieved. I left shortly after, so cannot attest as to how long the 'mix' was protracted for? But as Most will know. The older weapons served on right through the First Gulf War. Also alongside the SA80. I would say that the plan was to re-arm all the 'Teeth Arm's' such as Infantry Battalions. Before 2nd line & support Units had theirs issued. That would be the normal practice.
  10. These were the M8C & used a .50" SHORT round. I know, I worked on a LOT of them! Also have a Magazine for one of these. WWA sold a handful a few years back, & they had no Mags as I recall?
  11. I think realistically, he only 'treasure' that is found these days. That is Genuine, are the Tanks that are dragged out of Rivers & Swampland in the East. These can be seen on YouTube.
  12. VERY Hot Geoff! So hot that I only trawled certain stores looking for accessories & small parts for my Newly Acquired Jeep. I had a mega Bargain from some Danish Guys, I was VERY pleased! The heat sapped my enthusiasm for daily stall patrols though. As it did many others! The Hard rain on Friday & Saturday morning. Did turn the tracks into quagmires everywhere. Not helped by idiots, Who thought it great fun no doubt. Driving along at SPEED. Creating Muddy Tidal Waves all over Peoples vehicles & display areas!....The 5mph Speed limit became a dream, & disappeared into the ether!..... Stalls were down on last year. & some of the Major dealers were noticeable by thier absence!..... I was also struck this year at the change of atmos. There seems to be something 'Missing'?..... Little Monkton's was reserved for Civy camping only. Whereas last year it was PACKED with attendees! America's Field was packed though, also with a LOT of Foreign Visitors. Which was nice to see. I chatted with quite a few of them.
  13. The VEHICLE is a 12volts system. The supply for the Radio Shack is 24v. TWO separate compartments for the batteries of each system. I think there were two alternators fitted? Obvs 12v for the vehicle, & the bigger 24v version for the shack. Without refering to a wiring diagram, this is unconfirmed. But BELIEVED correct.
  14. Cold weather dosent help either, so Im told!....
  15. He was not correct. It is my Clothes that have shrunk!...…… 😎
  16. A Photo would be good!...……..
  17. I thought my Initial post was stating this, but in an 'Amusing' way? Obviously everyone else got the Humour in it....You obviously didnt pick up on it? Must be a Dutch thing?... 🙄
  18. A snippet of info. I heard that a WWII Era Steering Wheel. Is a smaller Diameter to a Hotchkiss one? Can anyone confirm this? Mike
  19. Rambo, You could out on an Armband. & Say you are a Health & Safety 'Reenactor'!...….
  20. Hello Buddy! I would be most interested it getting that seat. Shipping would be VERY easy via Hermes. How much would you like for it? If you go onto the Hermes website. There is a facility to give you a price for carriage. When you put the weight of an item in. Thank you so much. Go to PM if you wish on this? Unless you are coming to W&P this year? In which case I could pay you & collect the seat there?
  21. Geoff, Ill have you know. I havent eaten Doughnuts for over 3 years. I did change my eating habits a year ago. & have lost 2.5 Stone though! However, it's still not enough...…
  22. Rambo. JFYI the Entry price also allows YOU to Inspect & use the toilet facilities. As many times as you wish Sir!...….. 😁
  23. The centre of Gravity on a .50" Browning HMG is at the Front Mounting holes. In the trunnion Block, I should know. I manufactured Hundred's of them. & Repaired & inspected Many, Many Hundred's more also!... 🙄 Weight: Yes 38 KGs. or in squaddie speak: 'Fu**ing HEAVY'!...….😫
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