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  1. There' a Hotcho on FB up for £15,000 done in US Navy Grey. It looks very clean & in decent condition. It's in Ashford, Kent. If you contact the vendor, he may haggle on the price? If you dont ask, you dont get! ( I have absolutely no connection ) M.
  2. It's a nice one. if you want a decent Jeep at sensible Money. I wouldnt 'Watch' it too long!....;) As you have previously stated, you have missed out on a few occasions now. Attempting to acquire a Jeep. This should have alerted you that GOOD Jeeps at the right price are VERY far & few available. If you wait much longer, the Decent weather will arrive. & this ALWAYS pushes Jeep prices up!... Although I do not know, & have never met the Seller of this Jeep. My Advice if your Serious about acquiring a decent example of a Jeep. Is to get in touch with the vendor & have a 'chat'/ Potentially do a Deal? ( Subject to you possibly inspecting the vehicle) My Own lovely example was acquired with a few phone calls & establishing a good working relationship with the Vendor. Sensible questions revealed a lot, & Told Me about the History of my Jeep & the restoration process on it. The Chap realised after a few minutes I was not a tyre kicker & time waster. & I got a good impression of Him also. I did a deal & got my Jeep without even seeing it beforehand. this was due to GOOD & Clear Communication. Being Friendly (He should be a like minded soul the seller of this Jeep. As owning it you have a Parallel interest before you even start!) Will pay dividends, & help establish trust & assistance. I got a File packed with receipts & Print outs of Emails. Of the entire process of acquirement, research & History of My Jeep. This conformed entirely what my vendor had told Me beforehand! You have been waiting a long time now, this SHOULD tell you something. & the realistic prices of Jeeps! There are many out there, & in my Opinion. Over priced!.....But this one has been looked after & appears to be a Good Example. Just my thoughts,! I hope it Helps you?
  3. There is a Hotcho done up in US Navy Grey on FB. It's up for £15,000p Owner Might negotiate? Looks very nice, & in Good condition. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/707644833098901/
  4. Ian, That's great! Thank you VERY Much indeed!
  5. Thanks Chris, I will have to look underneath mine. It is a Matt Black Finish, So most likely Hotcho? My Jeep is a '45 Willys. But Magnificently refurbished to Hotcho specs, & brings all of that Marques Benifit's!
  6. Just a matter of waiting then. I bought a Totally MINT restored Willys for £16,000 in June last year. They ARE out there, but you HAVE to be QUICK!
  7. Hi Chris, Is it a Thin Spoked WARTIME variant at all? I have a Black Hotcho Wheel on Mine at present. (Thick Spoked)
  8. So could you explain why there is a roumer that the Wartime Wheels are smaller at all Nick? I have heard this a few times in the past. & it is only NOW that I need to know the exact diameter! 😏
  9. You dont specify your price range? There are MANY good Jeeps out there for sale......
  10. Yes, but WHICH is the SMALLEST diameter!
  11. Sort of Richard. I would very much like to know the width of a Thin Spoked wheel Diameter. IE: Edge to edge External Diameter.
  12. Jeep aficionados! There are two 'Standard' steering wheels available for Jeeps as far as I am aware! The thin spoked wartime pattern, & the thick Postwar Hotchkiss pattern. Can anyone tell me please. Are the diameters different at all? IE: Is a Wartime wheel slightly smaller, Than a Hotcho version? If so, by how much? Thanks in advance. Mike.
  13. Are they the same engine as used in the Ford V8 Pilot? Also used in the Fordson Thames Trucks in the Army Post-war I believe?
  14. Chris, Your Pension will be enable you to manage. A 'simple job' will keep you occupied & 'Happy'! ( & Hopefully Sane! ) The job these days is run by 'Laptop Kings' bent on as you say. Statistics & Targets. MORE Pressure on Officers to attain those levels. Fast Tracked Uni Grads who have no idea of reality on the Streets. Out of touch & THINK they know it all! No wonder that a LOT of officers leave the service after approx. 6 years!.....Society these days makes Me quite sad at times!.....☹️
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