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  1. Just a thought Steve, But you could have used the Tiger Tank in the Diorama. You could model it as a 'Destroyed / Knocked out' addition perhaps? Still could add it in? Just my thoughts as an Addition to this Fine looking Diorama!
  2. I suppose the only glimmer of hope on the Horizon may be. That when we FINALLY Extract from the Corrupt EU. We will no longer be bound by thier Dictatorial rules in most cases?......
  3. I had drum brakes on my RB44. Their Shoe's can also be relined.
  4. It is in Service Now, & has been for a few years.
  5. Grenades do not have fuse that are 'Set' They are inserted. A 'setter' tool such as above, would be for a Mortar. Also the designation Fuse Setter, Hand L3A1. May well be the designation for the actual Tool.
  7. The engine compartments in Both Variants of 432, run VERY Hot indeed when used. In service, we always let a MK2 (K60 Pack) run for 15 minutes at tickover to cool down. After a Major road journey. Or on Exercise.This then allowed the Heat exchanger to do it's job properly. & disperse the heat. & then Thrown out by the Twin Fans, through the top engine louvres. It was a long time ago now, But I cant remember about the Mk.1 Petrol. If it had a heat exchanger, or a normal radiator system. I THINK it did have an exchanger?
  8. Looking at those Sterling pouches. Reminded Me I have two pairs in my collection. Both Mint unissued. I was REALLY lucky with one Pair. I purchased it at a Militaria Fair, & it had newspaper stuffed inside. This was to pad it out & look 'full/ better' presented on the table top. When I got home I obviously removed the newspaper. Guess what was inside? A sealed pattern label attached with cloth ties & a wax seal! Lucky, or what?
  9. Or alternatively. Do any of you helpful People know where I might source one of these Holders / Tray's at all? Thank You. Mike.
  10. Hello every bod Peeps! Anyone got one of these ammo trays they want to part with? Thanks in advance. Mike. 🙋‍♂️
  11. Just a small bit of advice on this procedure. But, once you have removed your Armour. IF, the majority of nuts are OK. It is a VERY good idea to run a Tap through each captive nut. To clean out the threads for reassembly. THEN use Copperslip on the Bolt threads when refitting Those as well. This WILL serve you well upon reassembly, & is good Workshop practice!
  12. I wonder if it emanates from the same place as the 'Nazi Gold Train'?...….:)
  13. Try D&B . There is little about all round at present. Due to uncertainty over BREXIT. People who have Deacts refuse to pay out extra & get them welded up solid to EU specs. And I think People most want to keep them in thier collection anyway. Not much is going to Happen until we extract from the Corrupt & Dictatorial EU is the bottom line at present!
  14. A Flame thrower most definitely IS a Sec.5 Firearm!...….Quote: 'Any item that discharges a Noxious substance'.... Talk to one of the Proofmaster's on the Phone at either London. Or Birmingham. They will be happy to advise. The Specs are available on the .Gov website. They are illustrated in B&W line drawings. Mortars are probably one of the easiest items to deactivate.
  15. All I have seen of thier stocks. is that they are more expensive than other dealers......
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