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  1. ferretfixer

    Help Required with a Bed!...

    Hello John, It all folds flat & is the size, width & height of a single bed. Time is not really an issue, it can be here at anytime. I was just thinking of Beltring as a convenient drop off point. If the 'Carrier' was going to W&P also, this year? Cheers: M.
  2. ferretfixer

    Help Required with a Bed!...

    No replies so far!........Is there anyone who may be able to help on this Pleeeeeeeeeze!..............😆
  3. ferretfixer

    Help Required with a Bed!...

    Hello People! I wonder if any of you might be able to help Me out at all? I need an Ex Army Bedframe collecting from the Edinburgh area. & delivering either in Kent. Or more conveniently, to the W&P show. The Lady concerned has tried getting courier quotes. But they are expensive, & kill the cost of buying this bed!... Are any of our Erstwhile membership able to help out all please? Thanks in advance. Kindest regards: Mike.
  4. ferretfixer

    For Sale Gas firing gun circuit/coil/valves/spark plug

    Damm! I would happily have given you £100 for that lot!!
  5. ferretfixer


    Hello Fellow members! I hope one of you Erstwhile Enthusiasts may be able to help Me? I am looking for a Lunette Shaft for a narrow track Sankey Trailer. It does NOT Have to have the eye present. & indeed. matter's not. If is slightly Bent, as a LOT are! Does anyone have a scrap one lying about in their Workshop? Thank You in advance, for any potential assistance! Warmest regards: Mike,
  6. ferretfixer

    Contact details

    Hello Fellow enthusiasts! Does anyone have/ know of. Any contact details for Ron Loveday at all? I believe he is in the Yorkshire area ? Thanks in advance! Kindest regards: Mike
  7. ferretfixer

    Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    Well, I thought it might be 'Interesting' (Or not to some!) to follow up on my thoughts. On the 'New' Forum layout. I still do not like it as much as the old Forum appearance. I used to visit the old site daily. I now haven't bothered to come on here again for Months. I still feel it has 'Lost' something.....:( Sorry if any Admin are 'Upset' by my comments. I did not intend that at all. To Me, it just doesn't seem as nice as the orig layout. But that is just Me. However, I am at least being honest about it. That is MY Personal Feeling about it. There may well be others who feel similarly? I am grateful however, that at least some of you admin chaps. Have actually bothered & made an Effort in introducing this new layout. To at least keep the forum going! I TOTALLY support That! Small Potato's I know. but I took the time to at least follow up on my very first Post on This Topic.
  8. ferretfixer

    Falklands CVR(T)s

    Would the commander be Stuart Read by any chance?
  9. ferretfixer

    Microfiche reader

    As a slight aside on this topic. I know that there were/ are large Microfische reader machines. That as well as obviously reading the fische, could also print off hard copy pages as well. What a superb way of reproducing the content of any manual/ parts list into book/ booklet form. These could then be sold on perhaps?, to recoup the original outlay of one of these magnificent machines!
  10. ferretfixer

    Rarden boxes/81mm Ammo boxes

    LOOKS like the standard brown painted steel ammo containers. Which were used with a variety of Ammo Types & calibres. Yes, one of these would have held Two green plastic twin Bomb carriers. For 81mm Mortar Bombs. Making a total of four bombs to each Steel Transit Box.
  11. ferretfixer

    Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    There you go Admin, It's not just Me that feels like this then. Thank Goodness my observations / experience on the new Forum. Are not just Me! Other's too, have similar feelings on the new layout. It would seem that the MUCH larger spacing between subjects. Is taking up far too much space. & making scrolling etc through. To find a topic you are interested in. Much longer to navigate. I like the close way subjects were stacked on the old layout. It was HUGELY Easier to simply see, AT A GLANCE. EVERYTHING listed, & a LOT easier to pick out what content you wanted to read. Would it be possible to reduce the 'spacing' & condense the subject coulomb. SIMILARLY to the old Format? Just my thoughts, I'm not an IT expert at all! I find I am not alone in not being a child of the computer age!....;) Your hard work HAS been acknowledged, And very well done. But, I feel the layout needs 'tweaking' somewhat? Regards: Mike.
  12. ferretfixer

    Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    Hello Trevor. Yes I can understand your frustration over some comments. However, I DID point out that I acknowledged the new website had taken a LOT of time And Hard Work to implement I also mentioned that fact that it was for my taste, too 'spaced'. This it would seem has had a similar effect on some other members also. The correct word's would be I guess. Excessive scrolling to get through the myriad of 'content' sections! As another member has pointed out. The condensed Column Format was immensely easier to navigate. As the topics were grouped MUCH closer together. & it was MASSIVELY easier/ FASTER to get through to read what you wanted. Rather than waste time going through a much larger layout. It is obvious others are finding this irksome/ difficult also. By their comments. Please don't feel offended by my thoughts on the forum layout. It was not intended to point the finger so to speak. But rather my own thoughts & experience of the new layout. As stated by another, 'We are all Resistant to change'. But I have to say in my own case, I have found the change 'Difficult' to live with at present. I do not begin to pretend to understand how & what went into the production & implementation of the new 'Layout/Function' of the new Forum. but I have to say. I am nowhere near as interested in it now. Than I used to be Hence my statement, that I do not visit here. Nowhere near as much as I USED to on a daily basis. Usually once a week now.......No offence intended. just MY personal View of it all. Mike.
  13. ferretfixer

    Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    Well, The new Forum is obviously up & running. I am confident a lot of work went into This project. However, I don't know if it's just Me. But I feel now that the Forum is a little too 'Spaced' Between subjects. The old layout was MUCH quicker to navigate. Due to the Left margin list of topics. Closely spaced on top of each other. Whilst being aware that a new medium was going to be implemented. For technical reasons Beyond my understanding in the computer World. I personally find the new layout MUCH less interesting. & far slower to navigate. As I have such a Busy Life (Don't a LOT of US?) I now visit the forum VERY infrequently now. I am not nit picking on this. And am most grateful for the Moderators Hard work here. But this is how I am finding the new website myself. I feel the Forum has 'Lost' something.......Am I alone in this thinking?
  14. Isopropyl Alcohol is used in these. Usually using a syringe with a needle. Injecting the fluid will push the bubble out. But then you have to seal it again afterwards! IRRC it is plaster of Paris used to seal them?..