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  1. ferretfixer

    ID ammo boxes

    When the Rotating Turreted Ferrets (MK.II, 4 Etc.) Were converted from mounting .30" Cal M1919 MGs. To 7.62mm L34 GPMG's. The conversion ALSO had a replacement Ammo can holding tray. These are EASILY identified at a glance, as they have a Terry clip riveted on the top left. This was to hold the Allen key, that went into the new GPMG Hard Mount to hold the gun securely. The .30" Cal Can holding tray does NOT have this clip installed. The cut outs that accept each type of ammo can are also DIFFERENT Sizes! The 7.62mm Can holding tray. has a SMALLER opening /Cut out. To accept the BROWN Postwar 7.62mm Ammo Cans.
  2. ferretfixer

    VIP toilets

    Because in most of these provided facility firms Richard. YOU, as an organiser. Would have to book & rent the Portable provided Toilets Etc. After all, it IS a Rented Equipment Provider, like Marquees, Plant Equipment rental, skips Etc. No? There are quite a few People that Rent a porta-Loo Toilet at the W&P show for their own use themselves.
  3. ferretfixer

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Yes Duke, I am aware I am not in the Minority with the Points I raised above! I almost forgot! It was irritating also, to having to put up with the individuals, (Being polite there!) & the groups of People Hanging off of vehicles. That simply HAD to fire 'Burst's' of Machine Gun Fire, from Gas Firing MGs, Every time they passed us on the perimeter tracks. In the apparent display of: 'Look, My 'Organ' is bigger than YOUR 'Organ', behaviour. Well that is how it came across to Me! I had my trusty Friend & Companion, my Dog with Me at the show. & the poor old Lad was terrified each time this happened. & He scuttled into the back of my Trucks Radio shelter, each time this happened! I saw other Pets at the show also, in the time I was there (19th-29th) & some of them too, were visibly scared! The strange thing was, My Dog was not scared by the explosion's in the Arena Battles? but that May be because it was a Lot Further from where we were pitched?
  4. ferretfixer

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    7 out of Ten for Me. I was VERY annoyed, to find,that you were NOT allowed to peg out/ mark your own area. 🤬 Prior to the 19th, & when arriving at 10am on the 19th, observed LOTs & LOTs of areas already pegged out! NO WAY in the world, could that amount of pitches. Could have been marked out & pegged in Two hours, even if you said that 'People' had started at 8am, as a reasonable starting time! I struggled to get the space area I wanted, in the same spot as I had last year! I know that others had similar 'difficulties' as I had over this!..🤒 It would seem, there were a lot of 'The favoured Few; so to speak! 😡 But overall, as this is my Annual Holiday due to personal Circumstance's. & I made the best that I could from the show. Yes it was VERY Hot & dusty for sure! But that was certainly NOT the Organiser's fault! ☀️ And some other gripe's were, that it was VERY clearly stated on the webpage for the show, regarding NO private selling upon pain of a Dealer fee for your pitch! No Vehicle speed strict 5 mph, NO children on quadbikes./motorbikes!..... ALL of these 'Strict' Rulings were CONSTANTLY abused / ignored from start to finish of the show!!! It was very annoying to be showered is dust from speeding vehicles going past each time... That was Unessacary & inconsiderate towards all exhibitor's! It was uncomfortable enough in the Heat. Without having to be covered in dust showers each time a speeding vehicle passed by! Other than that, will I go back again next year. Despite all of the above points? Yes I would. But NOT before having a 'word' on the phone with the organiser about marking out a pitch for myself! If He can do it for 'The favoured Few', then He can Damm well do it for ME!!!!!......
  5. ferretfixer

    VIP toilets

    Agreed, But. If insufficient people paid to use them. Who do you think would end up paying for them? It would be taken out of the entry 'Fees' from all who entered vehicles. & if the show owner felt He wasn't making enough out of us already. Do you think He might increase the entry fees? The show owner would not want to 'absorb' the fees from His Profits?...
  6. ferretfixer

    NCRS trailer conversion.

    Hello Murfster. Yes they are dark inside with the door shut. However, mine has the original lighting fitted, as well as the twin wall heaters. They were made originally with the one small rear door window fitted. For tactical applications in the field. With the blanking panel on the rear door, it was a simple matter to fit this & completely 'Black out' the trailer from emitting any light during night time hours. Mine served with a UK Yeomanry unit, so saw little traveling use in Service!
  7. ferretfixer

    NCRS trailer conversion.

    I also have one of these magnificent trailers! I have fitted bunk bed's in mine, & used the former bench shelf for the base of the bottom bunk! I like the side windows in yours, a very nice addition & will let in a lot more light. & also allow viewing outside at shows. When the weather is inclement, & you are safely ensconced in the dry! Nicely done Sir!
  8. I THINK the wheels are similar to the ones used on the Brit Army Arrows 1.3/4 Ton 2 x wheeled cargo trailers. Brake items can be gleaned from Past Parts in the UK. They are on the web, phone them & have a chat. They are very knowledgable, & indeed most helpful!
  9. ferretfixer

    VIP toilets

    Yes indeed Duke, it was good, but as usual with these things. All too brief! Perhaps you will have your M/C ready for next years show? As or letting vet's down Mate, I wont even begin to go there!...….
  10. ferretfixer


    & we got it, albeit on the Sunday after the show finished. So taking down tents, hitching heavy trailers up. & loading the vehicles was 'fun'(?) & made the job twice as long!...
  11. ferretfixer


    Not yet, prob after W&P Revival. I deploy there tomorrow.
  12. ferretfixer

    REME Trailer

    The R.E.M.E. Museum now at Lyneham, MAY have a copy. If they do, they will do a photo copy of if for you. For a price, I'm sure. Mike.
  13. ferretfixer


    That is most useful, thank you very much! I have a couple of irons in the fire on this at the Mo. Two sources are working on finding a set, that they say they have available. We will see...………….Wait, out on those! It still leaves me with the bigger headache, of finding the power cable though! CD-1086 'Cord' is the correct nomenclature!
  14. ferretfixer

    British Airborne 10 cwt trailer mk 2

    Not QUITE correct! A 'Correct' Bantam Jeep trailer originally has a folding triangular 'Frame' style of leg. Mounted underneath, that swung down & was locked into position. I saw pics of this on the G503 Website on Jeep. It also covered trailers for them as well. I have owned three Jeep trailers over the year. & was never aware they had a rear leg, until reading about it on the G503 Website!
  15. ferretfixer

    VIP toilets

    RE: 'Officers & gentlemen' mmm 'Orficers, would have got an 'Other rank' do dig a hole for them. They wouldn't have lowered themselves to have dug it personally! 😱 LOL I am lucky, in that I cart along my own Elson, 'Toilets 'Waste Product, Excreting for the use of'!......But am dependant on the showers for hygienic refreshing!... I am looking into doing my own set up on that topic. In the future! I spoke with Jamie the show org last year. About the subject of dwindling numbers Etc. He replied that bookings are actually up for this year??????? Face saving? or what would that be about?...…..DEFO NOT the amount of Armour now, as in the years Rex was running things. As He offered much assistance to get Armour to the shows!.... But even though it sticks in my throat, that WE Have to pay to enter the show. And I KNOW I am not alone on this. It is My (& Also Others) 'Holiday' as such. So we 'swallow' this & pay up & look Big!....🤣