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  1. Just a small bit of advice on this procedure. But, once you have removed your Armour. IF, the majority of nuts are OK. It is a VERY good idea to run a Tap through each captive nut. To clean out the threads for reassembly. THEN use Copperslip on the Bolt threads when refitting Those as well. This WILL serve you well upon reassembly, & is good Workshop practice!
  2. ferretfixer

    Panther found in Ukraine?

    I wonder if it emanates from the same place as the 'Nazi Gold Train'?...….:)
  3. ferretfixer


    Try D&B . There is little about all round at present. Due to uncertainty over BREXIT. People who have Deacts refuse to pay out extra & get them welded up solid to EU specs. And I think People most want to keep them in thier collection anyway. Not much is going to Happen until we extract from the Corrupt & Dictatorial EU is the bottom line at present!
  4. A Flame thrower most definitely IS a Sec.5 Firearm!...….Quote: 'Any item that discharges a Noxious substance'.... Talk to one of the Proofmaster's on the Phone at either London. Or Birmingham. They will be happy to advise. The Specs are available on the .Gov website. They are illustrated in B&W line drawings. Mortars are probably one of the easiest items to deactivate.
  5. ferretfixer


    All I have seen of thier stocks. is that they are more expensive than other dealers......
  6. ferretfixer

    Rather expensive to me

    Too late Dukey! He only had the one & it's just been sold to General Sir Anthony Farrer Hockley. Who said it as ideal for nipping down to the paper shop to collect his Daily rag!..... 'He who Hesitates'...…….
  7. ferretfixer

    Rather expensive to me

    Yes Ron, But He did replace the Doogammy flip lever & the Wassit Knob. So it all balances out in the end I guess?... It's valve caps were missing. & he only put these on to contain the original Dirt & air in the tubes. It's attention to detail like this. That preserves history you Know!......🤥
  8. ferretfixer

    Rather expensive to me

    Duke, I can get one for you Mate. It was used by General Browning Himself. He got it from Sosabowski Who got it from a Sergeant in the Airborne L.I MT Section. It's totally original including the Pizza Carrier Rack from Pizzaland, & only has 2 Miles on the clock. It needs a little 'Work' to remove the chrome & 20 mirrors. But the tyres Just hold Air & are the rare Totally smooth Desert Versions. It will pass an MOT if you put it through, as It is 'Original'!...…. I have it on impeccable authority from a bloke down the Pub. That this 'Gem' could be yours for ONLY £50,000. A Bargain in anyone's opinion for certain!...……………;)
  9. ferretfixer

    W D Broad Arrow

    Poor Brick laying skills there Dukie! LOL. They should all be pointing the same way. Adding a Benefit of pointing 'The Way In'!
  10. ferretfixer

    Action Man CVRT

    It's from the H.M Armd forces range of Figures. Licenced by the MOD. This series / range has been discontinued for a few years now.
  11. ferretfixer

    W D Broad Arrow

    Yes Crows Foot still is the In Service Colloquial name for the Arrow (Pheon) 😊
  12. ferretfixer

    W D Broad Arrow

    Just a snippet of information. The Correct term for the WD Arrow is a 'Pheon'. As we live in a sad politicly correct age now, I thought that might be 'Appropriate' (?)...😁
  13. ferretfixer

    Blinged Ferret Again

    Isn't it Nice, When old 'Friends' come Home?...….😏
  14. ferretfixer

    Weapons in Wartime Vehicles?

    ALL Small Arm's were 'Personal Issue' & still are to this day in British Service.
  15. ferretfixer

    British Army Stoves

    The No.1 burner was an excellent item of equipment, IF maintained & looked after PROPERLY! As an Armourer, all cookers also fell under our auspices of inspection & repairs Etc. In practice however, if you had a good & experienced cook. They usually kept these things going in the Field very well indeed! Only if they could nor fix/ correct a burner, would they come to us for assistance. IE: It then needed a repair necessitating a spare part Etc. Or they hadn't got the correct tools to execute an in depth repair. The main problems with nearly all Petrol Stoves & burners. Was the main jet getting clogged up. This was due in the main, to small bit's of debris being introduced into the burners main tank. When filling the tanks from Jerry cans. Small bit's of the red lead paint liner in these cans / containers. Were the main culprit! Easy rectified with a strip & clean & fresh clean petrol!