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  1. ferretfixer

    Action Man CVRT

    It's from the H.M Armd forces range of Figures. Licenced by the MOD. This series / range has been discontinued for a few years now.
  2. ferretfixer

    W D Broad Arrow

    Yes Crows Foot still is the In Service Colloquial name for the Arrow (Pheon) 😊
  3. ferretfixer

    W D Broad Arrow

    Just a snippet of information. The Correct term for the WD Arrow is a 'Pheon'. As we live in a sad politicly correct age now, I thought that might be 'Appropriate' (?)...😁
  4. ferretfixer

    Blinged Ferret Again

    Isn't it Nice, When old 'Friends' come Home?...….😏
  5. ferretfixer

    Weapons in Wartime Vehicles?

    ALL Small Arm's were 'Personal Issue' & still are to this day in British Service.
  6. ferretfixer

    British Army Stoves

    The No.1 burner was an excellent item of equipment, IF maintained & looked after PROPERLY! As an Armourer, all cookers also fell under our auspices of inspection & repairs Etc. In practice however, if you had a good & experienced cook. They usually kept these things going in the Field very well indeed! Only if they could nor fix/ correct a burner, would they come to us for assistance. IE: It then needed a repair necessitating a spare part Etc. Or they hadn't got the correct tools to execute an in depth repair. The main problems with nearly all Petrol Stoves & burners. Was the main jet getting clogged up. This was due in the main, to small bit's of debris being introduced into the burners main tank. When filling the tanks from Jerry cans. Small bit's of the red lead paint liner in these cans / containers. Were the main culprit! Easy rectified with a strip & clean & fresh clean petrol!
  7. ferretfixer

    Combat dealers is back :(

    But at the end of the Day, I'm sure simply Bruce doesn't give a Toss! His Salary from this program put's him in a position of: 'Laughing all the way to the Bank'!...…. Easy to simply make things up, but time spent of genuine Historical research. Is most praiseworthy & The only Correct way to go! We are ALL ambassador's of our hosen hobby. & simply custodians of Historical Artefact's. That when minded to restore them accurately & truthfully. Will in some cases, the only unique reference point/ item that remains on earth. But I guess that pounds are all that counts on the table for 'Some' Folks?.....
  8. ferretfixer

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Was it the One Hitler kept His other Ball in?...…….
  9. ferretfixer

    Firing main guns . Any one done it ?

    I have a couple of Propane Operated Crow Scarers for sale. PM if of interest.
  10. Just wondering. Has anyone picked up any further Intel on the Supposed 'Buried Nazi gold Train'? Just asking 😀
  11. ferretfixer

    Faun Kraka

    Yes indeed! Had I known it was going to be sold at such a low price. I would have bid on it myself. The reason being, at a show. I could have one of the Krakas's in it's folded in half position. To show how they collapsed for air transportation! They run on a BMW twin Motor cycle engine, & are very quiet on the move! I get around Beltring / Major Vehicle Shows on mine. As they are small & very easily manoeuvrable. The size / thickness of the chains that drive each rear wheel hub. Have to be seen to be believed! Talk about German over engineering! LOL
  12. ferretfixer

    Faun Kraka

    Yes that is about right for an auction room! I would say the six grand is more their worth, I own one of these little vehicles. & you cant put a price on the 'Fun Value' you get from them!
  13. ferretfixer

    Faun Kraka

    way too cheap! The last one sold by Christie's there a few years back. Made over nine Grand! They fetch a lot more in Germany, approx six grand is about average.
  14. ferretfixer

    E10 Petrol Consultation

    Survey completed & submitted.
  15. ferretfixer

    Knowledge / Assistance required.

    Hi Gas, Yes I understand your comments on the above. However, I feel I have to add. After Military Service, I worked in the UK Defence Manufacturing Sector for 12 years. & I can tell you for a FACT. That the MOD & Other 'Government Agencies', DO get ripped off by products sold to them!..... As I stated previously, SOME products cost Pennies to MANUFACTURE. But.....The price they are sold on for is Far wide of the mark of a 'Fair' Profit!.....My Ex Boss, when questioned by Me, on 'How do you come up with a price that you 'Retail' then R**'? He replied: ' You get your cost of materials & actual manufacturing costs together. Add 20 Per cent & Double the figure'!......I can cite MANY examples of refurb mark up's that also gained a large 'Profit' in a similar way. The profit bearing no resemblance to a Fair mark up!..... Again, in the VAST amount of these attachments made, that I would like. The original manufacturing costs would be low. Considering they were churned out in their thousands. I have seen similar (But not the same products) sold at present in Germany in 2 Kilo Batches. & they cost no where near what these are up for! I feel you are absolutely right though, in your comment regarding. 'If you want it, one has to pay for it'!.....🙄