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  1. Dale, it MAY be that the steering system has two slave cylinders for each side of the steering braking system? The logic being I would guess. Is that if a cylinder fails, you can still steer. A bit like a rolls Royce, two Braking & two ignition systems for 'Failsafe'! Just my thoughts on this.
  2. Amazing what you have done so far dale. Excellent!
  3. It will protect the inner hull from rust & looking unsightly . Also easier to pressure wash out, should you get a fluid leak in the future.
  4. Not quite correct chris. I have inspected, repaired & modified many Hundred's of thousands of SMGs during my Time in Service. I recall through the 70,s-80,s. A vast number had the crackle finish & were L2A3 spec. these were the original weapons bought by the MOD direct from sterling. They only lost that finish when going back to field workshops when the finish was very worn. Known as 'Rust Proofing'. Or 'Parkerising'. when all component's were degreased, vapour blasted & then Zinc Chromate (Parkerising) Finished. They were sprayed with Suncorite 259 heat resistant finish paint. & baked in a specialist over for 30 mins. For the finish to harden. then ALL components & Receiver's were dipped in in OX18 Oil & reassembled. The L2A3's that the MOD manufactured illegally without a Licence from STERLING Armament co in Dagenham. Did not have the crackle finish from the off. There are books on the debacle with Sterling & the MOD. Where Sterling quite rightly sued the MOD & won Compensation. It Nearly Crippled David Holroyd who Owned Sterling at the time!..... That is why the STERLING magazine is a different profile / shape to the MOD issue versions. The MOD version is different in profile to avoid Patent infringement. & thus the Crafty MOD got away manufacturing many, many, Hundreds of thousands of magazines. Without having to pay STERLING Royalties!.....
  5. These Photo's were taken in the School of Infantry at Warminster. Now the 'Land warfare centre'. I was stationed on strength there for three years in the eighties. The Soldier is posing standing approx. 30 Feet up from the Main Armoury. on the Road that runs parallel with the square behind him. Later & today used as a car Park. Also the building behind him is now the support weapons building. & has a 120mm Conbat standing outside now.
  6. That is NOT an L2A3. it is the earlier L2A2. Note: the trigger shape is different to an L2A3. & also the Folding butt is Different. The L2A2 Butts will NOT fit the l2A3! You will observe in the above pic. A rib pressed in the side. The L2A3 doe NOT have this. The reason the butts are not interchangeable is. The trunnions are in Different positions on L2A2's to L2A3's.
  7. Bipod now sourced! However, I do have a small problem. The Traversing handle is missing off the Trav Hand Wheel. Does anyone have one? Or a lead as to where I might source one at all Please? The pic's below. Show the Trav Wheel without the folding Handle. Thanks in advance! Mike.
  8. Yes they were intended for the Royal marines. The A3 has a hold open device in the ejector block. They are converted from MK II Bren's. L4A4 SHOULD all be converted from Mk III Guns.
  9. Coming along quite quickly now then Dale! Well done! Mike.
  10. Chris, If you put a Fifty on, as Jerry has said. It is not good without the support legs! It will vibrate back & forth like a tuning fork! On a previous Jeep I owned. I actually fired a live fifty off of it! Strangely, it did not affect the accuracy of the gun without the legs? If you have kids in the back. the two rear facing legs shouldn't affect their space. They are after all. only sitting.. Yes? I am looking for a .30/.50" Cradle myself, if you know of one for sale?
  11. It just occurred to Me. Your Name on here is 'Waterworks'. & one of the many Names given to the sten. Was 'The Plummer's Delight'! Lol
  12. 'Ive' got a brand new electric combine Harvester, & you can tow the 3.5 KVA Generator'!...……..😁
  13. These are a carry over from German wartime tanks. typical German attention to detail! They are cone shaped, to resist Bullets & shrapnel. IE: Helping to deflect them. The Turned down opposite 'spigot' end, is to assist in lining up the holes in a section of armour plate. Armour as you are aware, is HEAVY! So lining plates up by hand can be a little 'tricky'! The 'spigot' end helps find the threaded hole to get a bolt in a few threads, whilst you get the next one in & so on.
  14. There are some unissued Petrol & Kero Tags for sale on Ebay at present.
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