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  1. Update! well, after making an 'angry' approach on thier Facebook Page. The owner did get back to me on the phone! We spoke all length for about 20 mins, & I made my position very clear indeed! I wont go into detail about it all on here, that would not be fair. & I am trying to balance my feelings over it all. I was offered a full refund to be fair. But that is not what I want TBH. After what was explained to Me. It is not so much the Money, as the items that I really Require. So I have given him a chance to make good, his letting Me down on delivery of my Items. -------------------------------------------- As an aside, If anyone on here. Any anyone you might know of. Who lives in the Hull region. Is a Good Welder, & looking for interesting work. This company would be a Different & interesting company to work for. Producing many varied & advanced replica products. simulated small arms, Military vehicles, Artillery & many other products. the Work is there, & the order books are backed up. (& that is the problem. They are a victim of thier success. & High standards) This job would be ideal for an Ex REME Welder. used to challenges & occasionally working outside the box! If they could just get the stuff out on time, this would be a job for life!.. PS: I have absolutely no connection to this firm whatsoever! Mike.
  2. That would be most useful, thank you Wally. Your assistance is much appreciated! Mike
  3. Green or DPM. Both types in actual '68 Patt are very difficult to source now! AND, size is important!....
  4. Wally, That is BRILLIANT Buddy! Thank You VERY Much indeed! Mike
  5. Yes that is their Manufacturing Workshop.
  6. Outstanding! That would be very kind of you. Many Thanks! 👌
  7. A lot of you must be familiar or aware of a Company named 'Elite Militaria'? a few months ago, I placed an order with them. After a long phone conversation. With the Proprietor who is also a member on here. I paid up front a reasonable sum, after being promised my order would be fulfilled in 6 Weeks. It is LONG past that delivery time promised. & despite several Emails & phone messages left. I have heard absolutely nothing!..... I have heard in the recent past, that this firm are not 'Efficient' . In getting back to customers via the phone!...… Dispite executing good products, I think that conducting A bussiness as large as this supposedly is. On only a Mobile Phone number is not very efficient, or professional! Now despite all of this, I am a Fair man. & not being in the possession of a Mark.1 Crystal Ball. I do not know what is Occurring currently, with this Firm? So, dose anybody know the current status or situation with Elite Militaria. Or if there is a serious 'situation' that I am not aware of at all? It seems Odd to Me, that there is absolutely no 'Activity' concerning this Firm currently. Whatsoever?...…. Can Anyone shed any light as to what is going on Please? Thank You. Mike.
  8. Did you go over on your Bike Geoff?
  9. It wouldnt start. There was water in the carb!...…… 😎
  10. Yes, if you use just a rubber hammer. You will be at it for the next year, & make NO difference at all!.... 😳
  11. NO! You NEED the shock factor Mate! Lead or Lead shot filled Rubber Hammer. Or Preferably Brass / softer that steel Hammer! The softer metal wont damage / deform the edge.
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