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  1. I guess you could say, The Manufacturers now. 'Aint got no Soul'!...…………...Ill get 'Me coat!...….🤓
  2. & so is this the beginning of the slow Death rattle of W&P, as some have predicted?...... A Lot of Major Dealers were noticeable by thier absence also here in the 2019 show as well...….
  3. I have not needed to do this myself. But I believe others on Here, Have had thier steel rims 'Re-Tyred'. There are specialist manufacturers who can do this. It might also be worth contacting GKN Sankey who made the 432 series. To enquire as to who they used / use. As thier wheel suppliers? Just a couple of options, should you not get any offers on wheels up for grabs on Here.
  4. Nice finish, though you would have thought the owner might have fitted a Black Battery!....😎
  5. Just a Small Correction Webkitleftover. It is B.A.O.R Not BOAR. = British Army Of the Rhine. A Common error
  6. There were at the time Two Baton guns ORIGINALY in Service at the start, & through the mid period of 'The Troubles'. The L48 & the L67, identical to look at like the top one dipicted in the original post on here. The difference was, one was smooth bored. & the other had a Rifled Bore. The Nomenclature was Engraved on the side of them after workshops conversion. The sling used on them was a Modified Tan '37 Pattern webbing one. The Butt plate also had Two 1" holes in it. This allowing the metal sling LOOP to be turned 180 Degrees. & fed through the Bottom hole. Loop turned back to it's original position & the remainder of the sling fed through it. The plate also had rounded ends like the Sten T Butt. NOT squared ended ones on the rectangular one above. The 'Sterling' Pattern sling clip that was put on these Modified slings. Then clipped to the front Barrel Band Sling loop attachment point. The Baton gun dipicted above has a Fake butt assembly on it. A LOT of these were 'Made' by a well known Gun Dealer Friend of Mine. Genuine 1.5" Signal pistols. Genuine New Unused Barrels obtained from Enfield when it closed were fitted. & the butts were 'Made' up & welded on. They are not the correct profile or size. It is also missing the FOLDING three aperture rear sight. Each hole, starting at the bottom. was for: 25, 50 & 75 Yards Range. the front sling band is not correct either. It SHOULD be 1/2" down from the muzzle. With a small loop underneath to accept the 'Sterling' sling clip. & ALSO have a foresight on it. They were Non removable, unlike the Federal ones. Which also incorporated a swivelling / folding sling loop. The lower dipicted Riot gun I recall was named 'The Federal', & was introduced to supplement the insufficient Numbers of L48 & 67 Guns in Service back then.
  7. Morning All! Problem solved! As No One was able to reply on this small Difficulty. I did some enquiring with MD.Juan who manufacture Jeep Parts. The Nipple size is 3/8 NF. So I have obtained one off of 'That' Auction site. & It's in the post as I write this! Hopefully, this small snippet of info, MAY be of use to others in the Future?
  8. Hi Fellow Members! A silly little thing, but needed! Does anyone have, a grease nipple that fits the Lunette eye casting. (The one on the side) For an MBT T-3, Or Bantam 1/4 Ton Trailer. Failing that, the thread size for one of these Nipple's Please? Always the way, a small thing holding up a restoration! 😕 Many Thanks in advance. Mike.
  9. L67 & L48 Baton Guns were introduced for the N.I 'Campaign'. They were made from modified No:1 1.1/2" Very Pistols. Later on there was a U.S Wooden Butt Version that supplemented stocks already being used there also. I forget the designation, I think it was a Federal Baton Gun?
  10. I have done so in the past Geoff.
  11. I missed that one! Otherwise I would have had it!.....
  12. Dependant on unit / location. A Small Map of the Garrison Area.
  13. Horses for courses John. In this particular case, poignant. As it was a race Course! LOL As for CMV, I havent bought that rag for MANY years now!
  14. Is there a 'Shortage' of them then? I have a Bread Basket with about 50 sets. With various Adaptor brackets. Best I dig them out, & start selling them on 'That' Auction site!...…
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