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  1. Thanks for the information. If someone has a lead for a R103A for sale, that would be great
  2. Mine is the same set as the one on the picture. Piet
  3. Hdello Ferg, it's the carrier and antenna I'm after. Piet
  4. Hello, I'm looking for info on the correct antenna and base to go with the R103 reception set in a staff car. Also looking for the steel case. Many thanks Piet Devriese
  5. Hello, I'm offering a good home (I'm no dealer) and a correct price for a WW2 small British MV. I have in mind: - Tilly - Tourer - staff car The vehicle has to be original and I'm not looking for a big project or barn find. Greetz Piet
  6. In that case: a real shame. We will not be there (first time in 8 years). Based on what was told, I couldn't take the risk.... ...can't afford spending holiday time and money to go to an event without being sure that I will have fun or a good time and feeling. Also last year we had a bad experience on a Belgian show where the weekend was spoiled by silly rules and organisers who forget they rely on all the participants (also traders) to have a show. The hobby must still be fun.... We will see and read after the show how all things went and decide then if we'll be there next year.
  7. Hello, allow me to use some pictures from Bonny_Scott and MK3iain for this thread. I installed STC1192 kit screened ingintion set (as in the picture below) as used in the snatch, on our V8. We think we do not have the correct rotor arm. Anyone any idea of the part n° of the correct rotor for this. We are also looking for the piece/tube to connect the 2 air inlets going to the carburettors (see picture). Any leads (part n°,....) All in all: we could do with a snatch parts list..... All help much appreciated. Piet
  8. To me as an exhibitor also this is the biggest problem of the new site. The vehicle movement needs to be better organised bearing in mind that exhibitors: - need to get to the arena - want to leave the field - want to reach the stall area The entrance (one lane for both directions) just can't cope with the number of vehicles. 1. They need a big well drained area for check in. First thing when we arrived on Thurday was getting stuck with the trailer in front of the check in.... Good way to start your stay 2. They also need something done about low loaders and loading them... Now on Sunday, a couple of low loaders were blocking the exit by loading down on the road and then getting stuck, not reaching the exit. People were waiting for hours to leave. I suppose some will have lost their ferry to get back to the continent. So a loading area out of the way with direct acces to the road would be convenient. All the rest was quite OK. Toilets and showers a big improvement on the ones @ Beltring
  9. Camping for 10 days in these conditions is a nightmare. The good weather can't be changed, but at least they could start from a field WITH grass on..
  10. Oh, this would be a good event to take the rigid raider :cool2: If only the distance...
  11. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?22821-The-ideal-show-combination. Just what you need;) Trailer is sold, but DAF still available. Piet
  12. It's all about the conditions of those 275kms. If motorways at 85-90 kms/h, I'm not so impressed. Were you loaded?
  13. How would I have made the link with a pipe tool when thinking land rover pink panther.....:nut: Thanks for this! Now the can holder and the FV6380:cool2: Piet
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