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  1. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Hi Not much help. I recall doing the casting inspection and testing for 11 of these old girls about 1979/81. Shame though they were in fine condition and needed only minor repairs and servicing. The bulk loading testes for all of them showed no leaks or seized valves. Buggers to drive.
  2. Spotted today....

    Probably the last batch of DUKWs produces from Fazakerley Eng Liverpool. That was about the last year we were doing total rebuilds. They did look fine. Sadly the last one delivered, rotted down on the vehicle park at Ashchurch.
  3. Get the head off, do all the valves and seats. They are the sweetest motor when the gaps are set with a dti. When a young mechanic we did dozens of RLs for Field Repair. We had competitions between ourselves to see how quickly some operations could be done.
  4. I think that both taps incorporated a none return valve. Sorry the red line had a none return. The yellow dumped at the foot valve.
  5. Got to be the most annoying person in the world.:nut:
  6. Is it the 27.5 Kva? Frame mounted with the control panel in the middle of one side and a starting handle at the front, canvas sides and an air tank at one end?
  7. Yes defiantly a Mk2 Antar and 60 ton Sankey trailer.
  8. Not seen a Mk2 cab in bits lake that since 1975. Fantastic progress. How are the windscreen frames. Always a problem when they were relatively young.
  9. 87 ET 77 Militant

    Gorgeous verging on sexy.
  10. Antar Gallery

    Another tip. Don't have your hands through the steering spokes when the engine dies. Hard lesson.
  11. Antar Gallery

    Such cloak and dagger.
  12. Antar Gallery

    I wonder how it managed to miss being reworked. Or is the record incomplete?
  13. Lct 7074

    Hi thanks for responding. He is listed on a number of LCTs 1332, 1054, 1056, 1146 and 1057. Returning to Copra from Singapore March 1946. Regards Colin