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  1. Hi, I will get those measurements for you this week hopefully. i may have a gearbox from a Riker 1918 truck available shortly, will keep you posted if your interested. best ian
  2. Hi sorry for the delay in replying. yes it does have all the original bonnet/ side panels. the truck is not here at moment but at my mates who jointly owns this project with me, when I get to see him ile take measurements for you.
  3. One little thing we will need is the Bosch “VD” type vibrating coil for the ignition system on the Locomobile
  4. Good luck in this , we are already looking at what needs to be made for the Locomobile, all part of the fun lol😁A couple more images of them in action.
  5. Told you to trust me!!!!
  6. That’s fantastic, can you remember what year?
  7. The photos of the body way back behind the butchers shop
  8. You guys are the masters in this. Brilliant to catch up on Saturday and thanks as always for the help and encouragement you give me.👍
  9. Thanks very much👍
  10. We do have photos and drawings available , also look at Duncan Pittocks post (Daimler CB22) I think, he has made a replica body , well almost replica as he had the bare bones of a body the same make as ours. Done a great job of it so far so between us all we should be ok.
  11. Hi, thanks for the info at Bridgeport. Literally a couple of weeks ago Tim Gosling got in touch with them, so very helpful and we have received so much information including parts / operators manuals etc. Incredible efficiency and lovely people.
  12. Hi, yes that’s the body then!! How funny. I got some photos of it from Barry Weatherhead when it was at the butchers.
  13. The bus is going to be sympathetically restored using as much original wood as possible in the body with the addition of a new top deck and staircase. It won’t have a super paint job as originally the khaki green was literally painted on with brooms and slapped on as best they could. We will do what we need to do but she will keep her “ battle scars” of 105 years😁
  14. A couple of videos last November on our trip to Ypres. In case anyone is wondering why Ari is sat on the bonnet it’s because we were losing the radiator cap pin so he was doing his best to keep hold of it at a staggering 18 mph! IMG_1216.MOV IMG_1225.MOV IMG_1348.MP4
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