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  1. Oh yes. Sorry Rik. Best regards Pawel.
  2. Thank you Ron. Very interesting informations. Pawel
  3. Hi Ron. Pictures (from you) from the Triumph factory show that the motorbikes have registration numbers painted on a plate on the front fender. There are no numbers painted on the back. They also don't have rear lights. Didn't the military bikes have numbers and lamps on the back? Regards Pawel
  4. pawelcen

    Triumph 3SW

    Ron, Belzona is English. Pawel
  5. Hi Ron, Thank you very much. I make the drawnigs for Brian - crankshaft of course. Best regards from sunny Łódź. It is not raining.
  6. Thanks Ron, I'll make a drawing with dimensions. Pawel
  7. pawelcen

    Triumph 3SW

    No problem Ron, Maybe the flywheel was modified? A wider connecting rod was installed earlier. For me 2x 3,5 mm its so much. ?????? Pawel
  8. pawelcen

    Triumph 3SW

    Ron, I use Belzona Super Metal 1111, Realase Agent 9411 and Cleaner 9111. It is american product. Pawel
  9. Hi Ron, I waiting for your help with the pictures of swivel. "I'll help with measurements of the top swivel as required. Ron" Can you help me rebuild the crankshaft? Topic is on Triumph 3SW. Regards Paul
  10. pawelcen

    Triumph 3SW

    Hello, I am asking for help with the reconstruction of the crankshaft. As I mentioned, it was only half original. I bought the original connecting rod, crankpin and crankpin roller 1/4 ". There is a clearance play of 7 mm between the connecting rod and the flywheel. Were there distance washers like in the photo? These are old from another engine I repaired 35 years ago. But I'm not sure if they are original? I didn't find these washers in the spar parts catalog. Best regards Paul
  11. Your's also beautiful, Ron. 😃
  12. The wheels are ready.
  13. Hi, finally, after 2 months, chrome and painted rims arrived. Spokes and nipples in accordance with the factory documentation came from CWC. The hubs have been refurbished and adapted to new bearings. Nobody makes old bearings models. Best regards.
  14. Yes, of course Ron. Do you also have a stand joint? If you send me pictures or sketches, I will do it on a model. Pls, send me your account number or by PayPal. Better on my mail: p.cendrowicz@pawotex.pl Best regards Paul
  15. pawelcen

    Triumph 3SW

    Hi Ron and Lex. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/1_Dywizja_Pancerna_(PSZ) Polish version its rich, english its very short. Foto with Polish rider it's from 1944 in Breda. Thanks for all informations. Paul
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