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  1. Yes it is hard to imagine. I wonder how many Transits will be still around in 100 years?
  2. I suppose having that sort of money available would make any type of vehicle no matter how rare etc to be within your grasp. There is a lot of fun to be had in the chase aswel and following leads up!
  3. So do you have the home movie in full? I bet thats good viewing.
  4. Just imagine having that amount of money, imagine the list of vehicles that could be in your collection! But would there be any fun in simply buying up restored vehicles rather than actually getting hands on and doing it yourself?
  5. The rear window recess I did took ages and lots of bad language! It looked really great when complete and with paint on it. The problem came when we fitted the rear window in its new channel, it sat proud by a good few mm at the bottom corners. Because there was very little pattern left I based the bottom corners on the top ones, the shape was right but it didnt take into account a slight camber on the actual metalwork on the back of the cab!! It was too late to do anything the the painted metal so we ended up very very carefully using a file to take some rubber off the window channel, in the end we did enough to make it fit and it does look right. I totally understand frustrations in this sort of situation and think all the more when you see results like you are getting.
  6. Rootes75


    That would be a good idea, some of the displays last year were very thought provoking.
  7. Rootes75


    I do like the remembrance soldiers. I recall the village had a Nurse one too.
  8. Superb metalwork. Seeing it progress like this is very good.
  9. Well done, thats a really good find and some good contacts made for you.
  10. Thats a neat piece of metalwork, from experience getting the shape/contour of window or screen recesses is quite tricky. I had to fabricate a complete rear screen recess on one of our lorries, it took a lot of patience and in the end a few attempts!
  11. Good luck Al, hope you get some leads.
  12. So would those German graves be removed to a designated cemetry after the war?
  13. It still surprises me that an event this large has taken this long to cancel. With virtually everything else cancelled and restrictions of some kind likely to be in place for the rest of the year I thought the planning would have looked forward to next year.
  14. Out of interest what sort of prices do they fetch?
  15. Rootes75

    Karrier WDS

    Absolutely superb. I know its pre-Rootes but I always like seeing the Karrier badge and sat proudly on that radiator too. The whole job looks very smart and I take my hat off to you.
  16. Looking very good, thats some really good attention to detail with the metalwork.
  17. Superb photo and such a good looking car, even in cammo!
  18. Being a Design Engineer by trade and everything now done on a computer, you have to take your hat off to those Engineers back then. Those drawings are so important to be kept, such a good source of information for future generations and restorers.
  19. Thats true, it would have been a long time in planning it and funding etc.
  20. It does seem a strange time to be investing such a huge amount of money into a museum. Best of luck to them though and hope it can be a success.
  21. Cant say I recall ever seeing one of those, I will have a look through my books and see if I can find one.
  22. Yes they do, just search for Classic Spares on Google and you should find it. Kevin.
  23. If you did want to try I still think its a good idea to talk to Ian at Classic Spares, he can supply parts and refurb or give advice.
  24. I probably have photos of her at Dorset, lovely seeing these WW1 lorries so well preserved.
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