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  1. This is a long shot but you never know. Our interest is in restoring Commers and Hillmans and preserving rare examples where we can. Totally a hobby on our part, no profit, we just love to preserve history. My youngest is now showing a keen interest too, especially in militaria and wartime vehicles so I want to find a project that both of us can work on and to teach him the skills that I have learnt over the years and something that we can enjoy and be part of such a good scene. Like I said, its a long shot but I am after a wartime Commer, of any type. Q4, Q2, would very much like a Commer Beetle or anything made by Commer. Any restoration project considered no matter what condition. Pm me if you have anything or know of anything. Thanks, Kevin.
  2. Hi, no, the brakes are Bendix cable operated. Kevin
  3. I have taken some pics of the engine bay but its all a bit hard to get to and see clearly. I will upload them in the morning so you can have a look. Kevin
  4. Now that is a rarity, a 2dr Ford Prefect. Only produced for a year or so before the war and production only resumed after the war in the 4dr version. Very interesting. Kevin
  5. First photo shows a 39 Ford Prefect in military colours and markings, didn't realise they were used.
  6. I am also noticing the large amount of cars used by the British Army, whether that is staff car or civilian. Kevin.
  7. That's looking like a very nice bit of work on the engine, really top quality.
  8. I think it often gets forgotten about the amount of private vehicles taken over to France either by choice or requisition. Seeing buses and cars and some non military trucks in the photos is interesting. I have a book about the Ox and Bucks LI in France 1940, I recall a passage written by the Padre where he laments about having to leave his own Morris 8 that he took over with him. Kevin.
  9. I have seen a lot of photos on Flickr etc of British vehicles being used by the German Army, its fascinating.
  10. Its still very hard to actually imagine the true scale of what was left behind. These are some awesome photos. Kevin.
  11. Someone sounds keen! 100 miles thats a long old journey, a good run to try her out and make sure there are no problems.
  12. Hi, I have just checked under my Minx and can confirm that the square cut out is on both sides of the bell housing. Kevin.
  13. Its a good idea to be covered. I had a lorry brought back from Cambridge down to Somerset on a lowloader a couple of years back. The original wooden dropside body was on the chassis but in such a state the haulier used nets to keep it all together for the 200+ mile trip. Kevin
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