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  1. Sounds like a good result to me. I recall once I was looking for the correct fuel sender for the Commer. The type was only used for 2 years so is very hard to find. After about a week from contacting Speedy Spares they gave me a call to say they had had a very good dig round and they found one! My Commer has the same engine albeit layed on a slant of 60 degrees. Again with mine even quoting numbers from my part books didnt match the numbers they had but we got round it in the end.
  2. Sounds like you have got a good plan with the restoration. Good luck.
  3. Speedy Spares have supplied us with gaskets for our 1950 Commer 6 cylinder petrol engine. Always found them helpful.
  4. That is some very rare finds, I can imagine I would be pleased as punch finding all that! I do like the use of the mag base drill, I have never used one before and seeing it in that situation is a good tip for the future.
  5. Sam, its looking great. I do very much like the size of your workshop too!
  6. That makes sense, the MOD won't want to waste their time and money dealing with something that has no use or relevance now. Report it, make a sensible offer and see where that leads?
  7. Firstly I wonder if it was reported stolen? Secondly after 40 years of being unclaimed who would have the rights to ownership?
  8. I do recall a restored one listed on ebay a little while ago so they are about but still rare.
  9. I like the Matador drawing, when is it dated?
  10. Am ready an interesting book, 'D-Day to Victory', the diaries of a British Tank Commander by Sgt Trevor Greenwood. Still fascinates me the day to day living of a fighting WW2 soldier.
  11. Well done, it looks the part now. Bit too hot to do physical work.
  12. Have you seen one or got one in mind? Its very good to set yourself a plan and follow it. Preparation is often key and something that can fill your time whilst looking.
  13. Any pictures? Sounds like it needs a lot of work but worth saving.
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