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  1. I know rick he lives 30 seconds down the road from me. I’ll have to speak to him next time I bump into him. The joys of living on a Rock everything is a pain to get shipped over. I’ll check them out thanks ron thanks
  2. Hi people been bit quite I haven’t done anything major to the bike ulterior been using it how it is. Getting rid of a few problems. First problem was the clutch sprocket bearing so i re-built that. I Then took the casing to work and welded the hole up where it had rubbed. All back on now and running perfect. Re built the carb at the same time. Where does everybody get their paint from. Trying to finding people who will ship it to the Channel Islands is quite hard. thanks Phil
  3. Spoke to Jork & Edwin. They can’t confirm what engine should of been in the bike due to the files being lost in the bombing. The features they can see there saying 3SW 5SW with the 3HW rear rack. Amazing what you can find out about a bike now days. I’m now looking forward to rebuilding it and using it. thanks phil
  4. Yeah I looked on there web site last night Ron but when I tried to email them it said there email address is wrong. You wouldn’t have a email address for them would you. thanks phil
  5. Nice bit of information with the sprocket. I’ll keep that in mind. My next question is what would you do with regards of rebuilding the bike would you put the 5sw parts ie tank rear end ect back on I’ll rebuild it how it is with the 3hw parts. Obviously I’ll have to keep the 3hw engine in till maybe one day I’ll find the 500 engine. phil
  6. No all means carry on I find it very interesting. It’s all a learning curve for me at the moment. I have had a email from someone about making the correct rear frame and luggage rack for the early 5SW Which is more then likely the same person. So I need to find a clamp and a field stand as well. thanks Phil
  7. There are a couple of pictures of the left hand side. Hope these are ok. The field stand was one of the things I questioned about the frame as it’s a clamp and not bolted. thanks Phil
  8. Hi ron yeah iv heard there isn’t very many of them around. iv seen pictures of you’re bike it’s lovely. The old owner never picked up on this and brought it as a 3HW. The bike needs a paint but it’s all in working order. Just wanted to know a bit more about it really and would love to get it back to as close as original. thanks phil
  9. Hello I am a new member and have picked up a old triumph 3HW well what we thought was a 3HW. After getting it home and having a good look around it I started to notice a few things that didn’t add up. I have everything but the engine old owner had the 5SW fuel tank. When my friend contacted his Friend with the engine and frame numbers He came back with this. frame is a 1940 5SW and the engine is a 1942-1944 3HW. very very long shot but does anyone know anyone who would part with or might have a triumph 5SW engine. thanks phil
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