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  1. Hopefully my 1 will look as good if I can find the rest of the parts 😹
  2. I got offered a lot for banana plate it’s off Arnhem bike unfortunately it was crash in the late 60 but got some nice parts from it and the driver hand book as for the handle bar 2 sets WD type but I have to use the good 1 as a pattern to put my 1 right so I have throttle cables but only 1 grip so I will need that 1 I will have a look in the 2 moor box and see what I have but if it’s WD stuff it will have to wait till I have finished my flea
  3. Headlamp stays upper I have 1 that can go petrol cap that can go tank badge late 1 that can go some of the parts you’re looking for I know a place that has some of it try Hitchcock bikes
  4. Like I said till I can sort out this lot I don’t know what going o I have a petrol cap it’s a civil 1 that can go when I have sort out the rest of this lot some bits I have 2 of
  5. Got a tank badge and handle bars but I need the bars till I can get my 1 sorted as for the badge it’s a late 1
  6. Ok I will look into a courier I have a lot of parts but I still don’t know what I will need for my 1 do you have a foot brake? I have some NOS cable throttle
  7. Ok just let me know when you have found out how much and I will pay you thanks
  8. Ok what is the best way to pay and I will see what we can sort out for pick up or are you going to any shows this year?
  9. I know what you mean I spent 3 years just looking to find out the difference from a civilian and a MOD bike most have looked at 30 + bike out of that 6 had right frames and 3 WD engines and 5 years to find 1 my is a mess but it’s go a WD engine
  10. Ok £200 it is how much to post ?
  11. Last MOD WD RE number was 12129 so it’s post war but I have a 1944 that needs work
  12. Cool definitely interested it’s just down to price so what are you thinking?
  13. Looks like a 1946 to 1950 so £150
  14. Hi have you sill got it and how much?
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