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  1. What an amazing record of vehicles & equipment. I to, am surprised at the number of private vehicles. I note also a number of K Model Bedfords with insignia which I assume were "requisitioned" by the army.(eg: last video at 12.05) as most military Bedfords had the square nose. Some of those vehicles would have taken some shifting by jeez! 😮 Thanks for sharing Pierre
  2. Thanks Richard. FYI, Here's what I have see attached. regards Pierreimg015.pdf
  3. Hi, Just approaching this forum to see if anyone has information that confirms the last production K Model Chassis & Engine numbers. I have an ID Chart that only goes up to 1952 with Chassis range commencing 226135 onwards & Engine# range commencing 226329 onwards for that year. My export 1953 civvy K to OZ is Engine # 260485H Chassis# K2-258981. Any info or sources appreciated R Pierre
  4. Hi, Some reading why we are still isolated. I thought I'd put this link up for interest showing the unique Australian Army Land Rover Series 2 with a 106 mm M40A2 Recoilless Rifle. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/REL/19356/ We had a few of these in our South Australian Mounted Rifles Squadrons during the early 70's along with Saladins, Centurians, M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers, Ferrets & Studebaker Trucks in various types. The 106's also served in Vietnam. Hope you find it of interest. Pierre
  5. Just brilliant Richard, a wonderful job Jenny. It was pleasing & a proud moment to see so many families standing out the front of their homes with candles to mark the dawn service. I think this may be something we see every year now. Lest we forget Pierre
  6. Thank you Richard, appreciate the confirmation & will plan ahead accordingly. I was planning to flush & replace all the plugs as a mater of course & I run an additive in my MK 2 Jaguar as well. The manual states to remove the gear box prior to extracting the engine, I assume this is correct? Due to the harsh conditions out here my Lucas 12 Volt Light/Ignition /Switch is toast. What are Bedford owners replacing this switch with? Any recommendations & sources? Thanks again for accepting my non Military related Commercial Vehicle queries I hope you enjoyed your visit to OZ. Regards Peter
  7. Hi, I read this forum regularly with great interest & just find it amazing what vehicles are still around & being tackled by very clever people. Keep up the great work in preserving these vehicles. I have a non military K Model Bedford 1953 I'm currently "renovating" & keeping it as original as possible. Just have one question on my Bedford 28HP Engine before & tackle it & I thought I'd ask on this forum as there are a number of folk who have restored Bedford trucks. Is there a welch plug (cup plug) at the back of the motor behind the clutch housing? The reason I ask is that I did find water sitting in the clutch housing bottom cover plate when I removed it. The workshop manual doesn't show one, but I read somewhere on this forum where someone stated that there is one between 2 of the clutch housing attaching bolts. Would appreciate it if someone could confirm either way. all the best in these strange times Peter
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