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  1. I have a small affinity for Spartans been in and out driving and was just done with some of my commanders course before being medically discharged. One day I’ll have my own ( be easier to drag my ass in haha) rig some hand control for gear up down and I’ll be sorted the lands that I served with live local and they love the old girls as much as I do. When this is all settled (corvid19) I would love to try see a show or what not, anyway lads and lasses chat soon. Trust your all well and safe.
  2. Thanks v much, I am trying to learn as much as I can to stay safe and keep her running! So all of the checks and stuff that I need to do come as welcome advice!! So I need to check the wheel hubs regularly for oil leaks. Will get my manual this weekend and make sure I add it to my checklist, thanks v much. Any other advice most welcome. I can't take any credit for the rebuild, MVS did it and I only bought it from them 🙂 I bought some headsets and have a helmet to stop me banging my head on the mantlet! Hay Alex yer keep the wheel hubs topped up BUT the main safety check are the final drives go to the front of the vehicle on the hull at the front are the final drives which are external to the gearbox and independent of the oil lubrications system hence why you #NEED#!! To keep them topped up. it easy to locate the final drive Bell housing it is the mount for the sprockets, at the front of the bell housing you have two plugs near the to the hull they are quite big and brass I think some variation on the top plugs being deleted, getting to the plugs you may need to bed the mud flap guard up but we used to bend it at a angle on the sides and leave it for access a little more access over a bit more mud no contest when you have to clean in there to check. Now you have to pick and chose your halt parade location but as long as it’s relatively flat plus the suspension will help level the hull you can start, crack the plug if oil runs down the threads of the plug and is in a good condition replace the plug. if it’s not running out inspect your plugs crush or flat copper seal see if it’s bit the dust, if not top up the drives to the plug threads. The drives consume oil ( omd90 or om90 check), steadily so that’s why it’s important to keep them fed always have a full oil filler pump can with the long tube neck on ‘any’ run you do letting a unit run dry may or may not cause a accident but you will junk it and need a rebuilt of bearing because think about it the final drive literally holds the weight and forces of the track system. Even sitting oil can drop cvrt hate to sit fyi so when you see her next do your checks check tract tension as that will drop check all oils look for pools in your road wheel lips good indicator and a circular splatter is a give away in a run to , check charge in hull and turret battery’s hope you turned your master switches off in turret hull lol. Happy to help Alex. craig.
  3. Hi Alex wow, Looks as good as a base refit, that white lower hull looks so nice sad it lasts as long as the first muddy boots scraping its sole over the back of the gear pedal🤦🏻‍♂️, did you have to sauce new handbrake belts or are they original, did it come with the nbc system under the rear lower bin *cough*armour door. Such a nice build Alex I’m excited for you to get her on the road, word of warning you need to do halt parades on these girls if you drop oil from a road wheel hub it’s a rebuild at worst best a top up, but I cannot stress final drive levels it has to be like a religion you seize a final drive hub best case you need a wrecker recovery worst case you spin doing 60mph or arch in the direction of the now still track, you will most likely be ok ish anything you in well.... yer you stop you check put back of hand on your hubs, I doubt you will do much long road runs but you get the point, you need comms and ear protection you probably know but so does anyone you take out.., 10 years of useless information has a use again 🎉
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