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  1. I have to watch it with the sound muted, makes it bearable... just.
  2. When I was serving my apprenticeship in the early 70's at the Bon accord commercial garage we had a Leyland Retriever the same colour and with the same rear body as this one, but with a recovery crane jib added. It was scrapped in the early 80's when the garage closed and ended up in Milne's yard in Blackburn near Aberdeen. I tried to buy it in 1982 but the asking price jumped from £150 to £1000 when the yard owner apparently heard that the Calor gas company was looking for a retriever to restore for their anniversary as they started out with them as delivery trucks. Underterred I bought a running and driving Bedford QLT from the garage just down the road form him for the princely sum of £85.
  3. This was part of a large collection of vintage vehicles and was acquired by the late owner in 1979. it has been dry stored under cover and unused for several years and as such is in a very good unmolested solid condition.£21000 ovno.
  4. A complete collection of 1/72 die-cast of the Del prago combat tank collection with all the magazines in binders plus the display racks. £300.
  5. Large collection of Corgi Diamond T military and civilian die cast models. A couple of other models by various manufactures plus a hart smith RR powered one plus two converted ones. Two 1/35 scale kits one built the other still boxed. £500.
  6. If my memory serves me well I could swear that the knocker 117 engineers had up here in the late 80s early 90s was 17 EL 17.
  7. It is one of three replicas built in Hungary on Zil 131 running gear for the Bruce Willis film a good day to die hard.
  8. Tom Bewick 1943 (he is older than he looks)
  9. Well folks that are me all set for the long Scottish winter evenings. One table two Harleys, at least I should get not get their parts mixed up as long as I remember to do one shiny and one matt.
  10. Hi I thought I would add some pictures and details of my old Morris Commercial truck. It was one of several bought in the early fifties by a company in Aberdeen from the army disposal sales in Irving to be civilised. This Morris was a late model radio truck that was modified into a breakdown wagon by removing the radio cabin and installing a flat platform with the curved sides and a Harvey Frost crane. The radio cabins were then sold off, apparently they were very popular as readymade garden sheds. The body from this Morris ended up as a hen house. The Morris was bought to be the recovery vehicle for the Fountain Garage in Great Northern Road Aberdeen, who were a Reliant main dealer and used by them right up until the late 1980s when the garage closed. I bought the truck from the owner’s son in 1990 who has started to put it back into military trim but had given up due to work commitments. I refitted a 15 cwt GS body which was rebuilt from several found at an old site in the wilds of Aviemore, remade the cab doors and painted it OD green. During it’s time with the garage the truck had been fitted with an elderly Perkins diesel and huge four speed crash box which refused to rev over 1100 rpm and give the truck a cruising speed 25 mph. After a couple of rally seasons of this I decided an engine transplant was needed. I had an old 1975 FD series BMC truck lying in the yard so pulled the 2.2 diesel engine and synchromesh gearbox out of that and transferred it to the Morris.. During the rebuild I noticed the rear axle in the FD was remarkably similar looking to the one on the Morris and stripping them both down I was able to swap the FD’s crown wheel and pinion with the Morris one. The result was a truck that could return 30 mpg and cruise happily at 50 mph although stopping was another matter. When the Morris was with the garage it ran on a Q number plate as seen on the picture with it in green paint. Just before I sold it and it went down to England I painted it khaki and black, the picture of it with RAF markings and age related number plate was taking I believe at RAF Evington. Then recently I found on the great Classic Commercial Motor Vehicles website under the Morris Commercial section two more pictures of my old truck now in Royal Navy colours at the Chatham navel yard with its civilian number plate and 3883 RN. A well travelled old truck displayed in the colours of all three services but as they say there is more. The Perth Australia model makers have a very good military model website with daily listings of all new military kits. And last week there was a page with Plus Models new release of a very nice 1/35 scale resin Morris in blue with the 3883 RN number plate complete with the old jeep jerry can holder behind the passenger side of the cab which I fitted to give me a bit more range and can be clearly seen in all the pictures. Sorry to anybody in advance for any copyright infringements. Cheers Stan
  11. vor

    Ford Pilot

    Hi would anybody know if the 1947/51 Ford pilot was ever used by the army post war. I have been offered one and it has a mixture of faded deep bronze green and olive drab paint around the engine bay and inner wings. Cheers Stan.
  12. Hi ray thanks for the pictures and the information on the mounting bracket that is exactly what I wanted to know. Cheers Stan.
  13. Hi I am looking for some help with my WLC. Would anybody be able to help me with a diagram or picture of the hand clutch cable where it mounts on to the seat post/frame and how the cable end mounts on the clutch operating arm on the gearbox. Google searches so far have been fruitless. Cheers Stan.
  14. The thing is, to ride it as it is with those bars and dog bones you would have to be seven feet hall.
  15. Nice looking Humber reminds me of the one I did years ago. When I restored mine the boot floor was so rotten I decided to rebuild it at an angle like the army ones for clearing loading ramps. The front and rear wings were banded and widened 2 inches like the army ones were during the war by the Briggs Motor Body company. I lost track of it years ago but remember seeing it in an advert for sale in the old Wheels & Tracks magazine, but a friend of mine said he saw it at a military vehicle rally in England some time ago The picture I found on the web with the Dutch registration my old car taken a few years ago. Cheers Stan.
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