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  1. Thats quite a treck then bud and pretty sore on the old rump, i am still a long way from such journeys but will hopefully carry a box full of spare parts just in case, and was wondering what the common issues are, coils,lights, etc.
  2. Lovely images, what is the longest single journey you have completed, did you encounter any problems.
  3. Camt thank you enough Jerry that great, i spent hours trying to reveal it, would this followed or started by an `S`. Also 8 numbers is that correct always thought there was 7. Steve
  4. as promised the yellow paint, this is on top of the inner screen but has been evident on the hood and outer screen, now covered with red oxide.
  5. Hi guys could anyone help me to estimate my hood number please, after careful paint removal no numbers where evident although this is an original hood, anyway the main details of this MB are engine number; MB566495 VIN;432030 DOD;04/03/1945 like everyone else i would like to have a unique number for my old girl, thanks in advance. Tried G503 forums no luck there.
  6. Cheers guys, map gas gives more heat than butane and propane, the dent i have is quite large and gives the typical `oil can` effect i guess either gas or disc could work and may well end up trying both, when the dent is lets say relaxed it tends to have the high point inside the hood, i can pop it back out but the slightest touch sends it back, so when when shrinking should i put heat where it is relaxed? thanks for all your help and advice guys it really helps.
  7. Guys, i have some nasty dents in the hood and wish to try heat shrinking, will butane heat the metal enough for it to work. Steve
  8. Totally agree with Jerry, you ought to see some of my efforts, its easy to go out buy a repro tub etc, i am sure many if not all on here have and continue to make mistakes, my tub is a bit scary for me but i will have a go at it.
  9. i have the filter brackets attached already, also a 12v regulator that is working fine, the fuel pump i have on now is the glass type, i dont know if these were ever on my MB, they were in the storage bins, if they are the correct parts someone may want to refurbish them ive got enough on with it atm, how are you getting on with yours bud this forum seems a little quite just lately.
  10. getting rid of some old parts that arrived with the Jeep, regulator,fuel pump,air cleaner bracket no idea if the are original or not or even if they work thought Ebay maybe a good option, any thoughts.
  11. Socket arrived today, first class service. One question the socket has no visable makers mark i did not know there was a after market product made is this the case. part number WO-A-6019.
  12. The socket available from Staman.
  13. That looks almost new, is it authentic, never heard of this seller but looks very well priced. Steve
  14. Thanks bud, i have messaged both, there is on on Evilbay atm although US shipping would be painful if i was successful with the auction, once the tub is off i will be looking for a rotisserie (ideally rental would be good) although this stage is a while away yet. Steve
  15. Quick one folks, finding one or two bits and bobs that will require a metallic filler, any suggestions? still on the lookout for a trailer socket, as rough guide what price should i look for between genuine and repro. Thanks folks,,,,, i`m still enjoying what time i get with the MB.
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