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  1. i guess a little tlc may help, all part of the labour of love i guess
  2. Looking at the screen again it appears the main body has been welded to the body fixing, so unless i can get these apart it may well be a new screen or one that is fixed upright.
  3. That looks fantastic bud, i am a way off that at the moment, a few hours here and there at the moment. today removed lights all but two of the grill bolts (the bottom two) all fender bolts removed from drivers side but some numpty as stuck a load of filler joining the foot step (should i cut it?) still one mother of a screw holding the hinge (picture attached) i can see the other end under the cowling i need a long flexable socket attachment to hold it whilst undoing the nut, one light bracket has been welded to the top of the grill, check out how much filler is on the drivers fender, ( replace it?) and the screen would not fold forward looks like the area that joins the body has been bodged up.
  4. Cheers Pete, yes i have a hot air gun here, i will give a whirls tomorrow regards the frame number is that not the same as the chassis number? which were listed earlier in the thread, the jeep is a march 1945 build. i am going to follow the G503 strip down guide (youtube helps), so screen,hood, lights grill then fenders.
  5. Been up for a few hours today managed to remove windshield, some grab handles etc, i have all but one hinge bolts removed the one remaining is not original the nut is free but the bolt is spinning at the other end (within the bulkhead somewhere) all fender bolts were pre soaked a while ago, kind of 50/50 with them at the moment some snapped clean off others came out easily, the two at the bottom of the drivers side (with tabs attached to the chassis) are solid more soaking for them me thinks, its a start of a long journey. lots of paint to remove, last picture shows just much it has had.
  6. up date here, all compete and registered, thanks for the help folks.
  7. I am going to start the strip down this weekend with all of the smaller parts, handles etc and plod on, i can see those flat head screws being a pain, like i mentioned earlier my father in law as taken ill (possibly cancer) so it will be a longer process.
  8. Thanks Oz, it is all sorted now registered, i am going to get a set made up asap,
  9. Hi guys, just sent the nova, proof of export etc no photos i guess about 3 weeks or so, going to get it started removing/tagging the smaller details then the front end strip. my father in law has taken ill so i will have to bide my time with it.
  10. That looks amazing, Up date on mine, arrived back from Prague to find my registration complete i have the number MXS 547 now to get cracking on with it.
  11. Thanks guys i will keep you informed, i was told not to start or strip anything until they had been out it is not started never mind nearly done, the jeep does run, steer etc put the brake pedal is stuck solid so i will not drive.
  12. I was told SGS or something like that would pop out, hopefully a nice summer will allow me to do some work outside.
  13. That would be nice, i did send the Nova, import document etc. we will see, i am off to Prague for a week so no great rush just yet.
  14. Hope so as the DVLA will need to see it, hopefully soon so i start stripping it down.
  15. Yeah, as stated mine is covered in paint.
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