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  1. Ah, I see your point. Thanks Hedd. I had seen the ones on pre-war car. It is a shame that Hans Compter in NZ is about as far from the Scrunt and Farthing Scrap Lorry Works as it is possible to be without actually leaving Earth. He does have some nice stuff, including a good range of Leyland shaped magnetos. Dave
  2. Thanks Hedd, I think the much earlier CAV headlamps were more bell shaped. As you say Lucas acquired CAV and Rotax in 1926. I am interested in point your about different sizes. I had naively assumed that there was a limited range of stirrup sizes, say 8,9 and 12 inch that were commonly agreed upon (a sort of industry standard). I had not considered they may vary between manufacturer. Since I don't have the stirrups it is academic - when you find me some, I will make brackets to suit. 🙂 Dave (S&F)
  3. What foundry are you going to send them to, Ben? I have no experience of Alu in v.low volume, only Bronze. I need to make some similar bits for my Leyland at some point. Dave
  4. Magnificent, doesn't that radiator set it off nicely! Well done. Dave
  5. Can anyone shed any light on what model this headlamp may be? It is as fitted by Leyland to their 1920s buses and lorries. At a guess I would imagine it is a Lucas, but since Lucas used a bewildering array of part numbers (about 48 pages worth by 1937 according to a catalogue I have (for cars)) it is hard to guess. They are described by Leyland as 24 watt. And, just as importantly if you have been sitting on a pair of these awaiting just the sort eager chap to come along convert them into beer tokens for you please PM me. Cheers, Dave. (S&F)
  6. Now there is a thing of beauty.
  7. There appears to be loads of rubbish crimped-wire cup brushes on the market now, mostly from usual shed outlets. When I did my engine I found the only ones that did not shed their wires almost instantly and painfully into my overalls were the SiT brand (I believe they are Italian) or Lessman (German). Lorry is looking good (better than mine).
  8. I don't really know. I shall be making enquires this week of the committee... I think its for future developments!
  9. I have looked back through old Journal/Torques but not much. I am a member, but dont know how to get into the members area of the website to access technical data. I am not certain it has been enabled yet. Cheers Dave
  10. Does anyone have a list or table of Simms Magneto Types that shows the principle characteristics (i.e. rotation direction, coupling etc) against Type designation. There are a large number of different Simms types and I cannot unravel what the various codes mean. i.e. SR4LFO, SR4LE etc etc. The number obviously relates to number of cylinders but googling does not flush out what the other numbers mean. Lucas seemed to use a similar designation system. I am looking for a magneto for my Leyland and want to work out what would be a workable alternative. Thanks Dave (S&F)
  11. O Type bus chassis, Doug. 38" chassis so narrower than mine but a good photo with lots of detail of what I am missing on the gearbox foot brake and the clutch stop mechanism. I have just started laying out the foot brake assembly into CAD, its a relatively simple set of parts but a complicated arrangement/construction that lends itself more to casting than fabricating. Also the loci of the bell-crank of the pedal rod to brake pull obviously caused the Leyland drawing office to scratch their heads as their are several revisions/variants on the mechanism. This is an earlier and poorer solution.
  12. Thanks Andy that is very kind of David and yourself. I did hope that Boris might mention dispensations related to collecting lorry bits, last night in his broadcast. I can only think he forgot.
  13. Ah Andy, now there is a nice switch. It looks like it is the same as fitted in this picture: If you zoom into the dashboard you can see the switch is in some kind of frame or mount... and oddly telling the same time! Per your question, yes that would be very useful and as Zero-Five-Two has rightly mentioned I do not want to push my luck... or perhaps I have.
  14. The still-dead mathematician John Littlewood proposed in his 1986 book, A Mathematician’s Miscellany (a must-have gift for any eager young boy keen to impress girls), that a person can expect to experience events with odds of one in a million (defined as a “miracle”) at the rate of about one per month. Never one to under-estimate my own abilities at a little number-crunching and probability theory, I, like probably many other forum members had dismissed Littlewoods theories a little too quickly. But the old duffer’s predictions came home to roost this week when I came across this little beauty on ebay... I recognised it immediately as a less buggered version of the mangled and unidentifiable “thingamabob” on the remains of my SQ2 dashboard (labelled as "before" on the photo) that I had only been looking at the day before. Well I be jiggered, the old prof may be right after all. And it was all mine for thirty-odd quid. Lucas chose to call these thingamob’s : “D20 dashboard lamps”. Not an inspiring name, but there we go. I sense that Professor Littlewood would be the sort of chap that would doff his pipe towards me in a mocking “told you so” manner, so I feel that I must put him (and ebay) to the test once more to be sure. Just to help improve the odds a little in my favour here is a picture of another dashboard curio. I suspect it is the magneto-switch but will happily take suggestions on make and model. I suspect it is CAV but any ideas? That evening I settled down to celebrate my winnings with my Mathematician’s Miscellany by my side and eight pints of Yootha Joyce mild, half a Buttock's Old Acid Bath Murderer ale and a thimble-full of mulled Umbongo (they drink it in the Congo you know!).
  15. Of course, Doug. I shall send it over now. Regards. Dave
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