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  1. Just replied on the Kradrider page, and have seen a big group with German bikes in the past too, but think they're all French?  they only do their own French forums etc, never much on English speaking forums etc.

    A shame really, but 80% just cannot speak anything else than French.



  2. Hi all,

    While scanning the last of the Matchless motorcycle Key Cards, I came across an odd one, and thought I'd share it here aswell as on Facebook, would be nice if someone's Austin was on here!




  3. Regarding repro's, the above Dutch seller also had a so called "Flea" for sale, with a bogus story, and high price, but the fact was, it wasn't even a Flea!! it was a Swedish NV Bolagen, a Royal Enfield engined postwar bike, I only have the pictures from before they painted it green, but the frame, forks, wheels etc. are very different !

    Hope nobody bought it, as that was a nasty piece of conwork! 




  4. Yes, it's not 40's, it's a 1950's New-Map, with a French AMC engine in it, that was used in more makes, nothing military at all as far as I know.

    Hope this helps,



  5. Finally after some years of development, we will be producing the Vokes filter elbows, for the Vokes tanktop desert airfilters. 100% like the originals, and will be working the same way.
    Will also have the hose, connector and period hose clamps available, maybe as a complete set.

    OK, there seems to be enough interest, so we will go ahead with it, price for a complete set, with hose, clamps, adaptor and the complete elbow will be around 175 euro's. So ready to fit most British makes, exept Matchless G3L, that was different. I will post pictures when the first prototypes are ready in a month or so.





  6. Yes, they certainly do their best, and it's not economicaly viable to make parts exactly as the originals, especially when the demand is relatively small.

    Lucky for me, I can always spot replica's as I've got the originals to compare to. See first Kickstarter picture, is a repro, and second are my 2 originals.

    Am having the Vokes elbows made at the moment, and I know it's a nightmare to get things right! (will make a seperate post here about them)