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  1. Hi there, I have some stuff in my files, but the postwar period is not so organised yet, here a page of postwar stuff I was able to find and scan; No idea if it's about AFS bikes or not? Do have many sales cat. pages with Matchlesses on them, from the late 60's if you can supply me with reg. numbers, I could do a search. Cheers, Lex Schmidt
  2. Haha, only joking!! will do it one day, for the moment it's running and braking, only the rear wheel bearings are shot, have to replace by modern ones I guess. The guy you bought the Deek off, has now made some sump plates, will ask him about the price, but they were not ready yet today. Cheers, Lex
  3. Nice one Niek!! can you do mine too?? Btw. have you looked behind the kickstarter, there is a very small roundel, with inside that the production date of the engine. Cheers, Lex ps, you didn't miss anything DKW at Wieze!
  4. Will have very nice suspension!!!! (for about 4 bumps!!) Cheers, Lex
  5. Niek, will you be at the Wieze classic bike fair tomorrow?? I'll be there in the morning, Cheers, Lex
  6. Hi all, Since this same post was hidden in another post, here a more direct one, hope someone has some more info! Put this list together awhile ago, from the info I have at hand, parts books and manuals, by no means complete or maybe even inaccurate, but it's a start, any additional info will be welcomed!! Cheers, Lex
  7. The Winged wheel patch is nice but not much on the bikes themselves, but very nice DR stories!! be prepared to pay loads of money for this one!! A more available book and more about the bikes themselves is this one; Then a book only for the 340, very well documented, and loads of "mythbusting" ever since indian books came out in the 60's the same mistakes have been copied over and over again, this book sets a lot of them right!! a must have for any Indian owner! I had better start a new post, as no one will be able to find it here!! first off to the shed!! Hope this helps, Lex
  8. Hi all, Put this list together awhile ago, from the info I have at hand, parts books and manuals, by no means complete or maybe even inaccurate, but it's a start, any additional info will be welcomed!! Cheers, Lex PS Nick, the bikes you are talking about are 340's and a totally different bike! PPS Radek, your link does not work!
  9. Most likely a repro!! if you carefully measure the mounts, then you will find one at a jumble for half the price! Don't think I'll go as far north as Catterick! but can always post. Cheers, Lex
  10. Ah, the decals (transfers) are only for the 125 RT N.a. The numbers are frontaxle pressure/wheelbase/rearaxle pressure I believe, have to look that up, but not for the RT100. Cheers, Lex ps numberplates look good, took me a long time to paint them by hand! the "V" on my plates denotes that it was an impressed civilian machine.
  11. Well, Ron answered all the questions, so that's easy. Can order you a roll of the wire, will email you Ron. Dave whereabouts are you?, might be visiting a friend in Huddersfield after the Stoneleigh thing. Your taillamp is an Indian repro btw, they are slightly thinner then original Lucas ones, and the rubber is too short, why they made them that way, with all the costs of tooling etc. I have no idea!! Cheers, Lex
  12. Dave, the reflector is spot on, typical Miller. On the subject of wiring, the Flea used to use a very heavy thick rubber insulated wire, thicker then the stuff on Ebay. But have not been able to source it yet, unless I buy 100 miles of it!!! I do have the Ebay wire in stock, a little cheaper, can bring to Kempton or Stonleigh end of the month. A lot of times missing, the little wire clamps, for the taillamp, (have the sizes somewhere) Also still a couple special to the Flea, repro canvas grips kits f/s. Cheers, Lex
  13. Looks original to me!! (picture of rear will confirm). Cheers, Lex
  14. Hi Niek, looks good!! I thought the footrest bar was a one piece thing?? (parts list says 20mm dia. and 245mm long) It certainly is a one piece rod on the Flying Flea. Cheers, Lex
  15. Ron, the single wood screw variety was used, but looking at various pictures, 2 types of screens were used, one with 5 buckles, and one with 6, how confusing!, and why can it never be simple???? anyway your one is also OK then, so you only have to replace the screwy thingies!! possibly 3 types then;, 6 buckles/5 buckles/all wood. but what was first the 5 or 6 buckle type, I have to research further..... Have fun, Lex
  16. Here some more pictures, from one I restored, canvas is made from an original surviving piece. Have a template kicking around somewhere..... Cheers, Lex
  17. Hi all, and sorry Ron, here the rivet counter police again. There were only one type of studs and buckles used, and that were nickel plated ones, as pictured here; Can be found at any good autojumble, think they are called "lift the dot" type. The last contracts had a plain wooden enclosure, same size as the canvas screen, just screwed onto the sidecar body. Must have a better picture somewhere, but cannot find it at the moment! Re. the steel rod, would advise for stainless, as the steel will rust quickly in the canvas, and stainless is also sturdier, as all passengers will rest their leg against it! Cheers, Lex
  18. Niek, good work!! Front number plates are with rolled edges, I bought them repro here: http://www.oldtimergarage.eu/catalog/index.php But be carefull a lot of stuff on there never existed during WW2!! Some plates I did for a friend; Grtz, Lex
  19. Yes, and I have since changed the front mudguard centre stay, that was in the wrong spot somehow!! Here the detail of the rear mudguard with the TP marking. The front TP was 16 btw. Cheers, Lex
  20. Just a quick reply, that's my Flea pictured there! but I'm not the one carrying it, my back wouldn't stand it for one second!! Cencus number hand painted, after first tracing outline with pencil, made up the font myself in photoshop, so nothing commercially avaialable as most of these are. Re. tyre pressure markings, original black and white evidence shows that they were used on some fleas, not from the factory, but by troops most likely, email me for sample picture, also of font of census no. Ron, no rivet on the blanking plates!! and the front and rear should be relieved to follow contour of headlamp, there is a little clip spotwelded to the backside to hold it in place, thought I sent you the piccy's ?? Also your headlamp stays are the civvy ones, ie. too long, or did you change those already? Transfer indeed now available thanks to pictures of Matthew Moore, and research by me. Have still a couple high quality reprint rider manuals for sale, not the el cheapo ones others offer after copying my copy. Re. census numbers, the original idea was that the last 2 digits of the frame number were same as last 2 of the census number, Welbikes have this for example, others tried, but with the huge volume of bikes, this system soon fell by the wayside!! Cheers, Lex
  21. Nice work Bill!! If you have no use for the Enots tap that was on it, I have!, if you'd want to sell it on? it's from the 30's and 40's. Cheers, Lex Schmidt
  22. Looks to me as Khaki green No.3, this is a real difficult colour to mix!!! What I understand, is that matte colours won't scan very well with modern methods. If you mix the model paint tin in the right proportions (see chart below, from Mike Starmers books, highly recommended!), you will have at least a test sample. Hope this helps, but remember computer screens are the worst media to compare colours! Lex Schmidt
  23. Terrible!! and what about the picture library?? spent many happy hours there, and spent a fortune! Cheers, Lex
  24. Hi all, Just a quick observation, above is somewhere stated that the army never used them, but I can assure you that they were ordered and used by them!! (have hundreds of pictures of RT100 bikes with HJ, Wehrmacht etc. etc. using them) Speedometers were offered as an accessory by the manufacturer, smallest motorcycle used by the German army?? no, there were other bikes used with a small engine (also 98cc engine, usually Sachs) that had pedals like a bicycle, I consider those the smallest bikes used. At last Veterama (an oldtimer market like Beaulieu) there was an original paint model, with high exhaust, engine crash pan, and the reinforced forks, too dear for me at 3500 euro's but very nice!! This is an original paint one that was on Ebay 6 years or so ago. Here the Veterama bike, headlamp is not original. Here a restored one in Germany When I get some more pictures of the recent original paint one, I'll post them, but was the same colour as above. I have one too, a 1936 model, with the "big" wheels and they are great fun!! expect a little more (power) of the 1944 RT125nA. I'm restoring at the moment, but that is another thing...... Niek, email me direct, have most parts books etc. scanned, can put them on dropbox. Cheers, Lex Schmidt
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