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  1. Just some pictures from the the previous French owner , how he purchased the bike, it was used after the war by a priest, so it could have been baptised…. The prev. owner(s) thought, or hoped the bike was from 1937, and the French papers confirm that, don't know how that came to be, probably because it was taken from some British depot, where it was stored, and just after the fighting in 1940, it must have been "liberated", and hid for 5 years of occupation, and to avoid any questions, the date of 1937 was "invented" just after the war, and the bike put to good use! Cheers, Lex
  2. Good work guys!! I purchased the gearbox, that my local motorcycle scrapyard first didn't want to sell, but he agreed now, and I took it off his hands, along with some more Matchless parts. Cheers, Lex
  3. Nice work Jan, I have all seen it already ofcourse, but nice it is! Cheers, Lex
  4. Here's some pictures of the right one. Cheers, Lex
  5. That is early BSA! the third hole being there for the D shaped speedo. Will try to get a picture later today. Cheers, Lex
  6. Well Ron, have never seen one like that before!! Cheers, Lex
  7. Nice work Ron, as always ! maybe Jan can tell a bit about its presumed history? One thing I can tell, that it had Thriumph wheels in it, and a 16H rear mudguard and carrier, abd a BSA KM20 petrol tank fitted, we managed to find all the missing parts in a short time, 10 months or so! Cheers, Lex
  8. Here's a picture I have in my archive, not sure about the model?
  9. Ok Phil, sorry have no spare stuff at the moment, am away from the PC, but will post some black and white pictures later. Cheers, Lex
  10. Here's the page with the engine numbers, the 1937 date on your engine is correct, as it shows up as such. The good thing about these bikes is that they were never made postwar, and and were replaced in 1940 with the RT125, I have many, many original black and white pictures in my files with German army use. Cheers, Lex
  11. Ok, had a look, and it's from 1936, see scan of page, those are the frame numbers, that is the second number down from your headstock plate, the top number is the original engine number, so engine has been replaced at some point, but this happened a lot after the war. Have no idea about the DVLA, as I'm in Holland, but can imagine if you add these scans to your application they can see that it is from 1936. Cheers, Lex
  12. Can you post a picture of the headstock and plate please? and the engine number, I have the book with all the DKW numbers. Cheers, Lex
  13. I guess you're lucky! it's on page 35 of the 2-3 October Ruddington sales, lot No. 816. Land Rover 88 G.P. Vehicle (series 88/IIa) No sale price. Will make a scan tonight. Cheers, Lex
  14. Stanley, I have some unfired projo's for these, all A/T. tracer has been removed, let me know if interested. Was the AMX with Diesel engine modified by Sabiex from Belgium? I was once many years ago in their factory, where they were refurbishing them for the Mexican? army, a sight to see!! Cheers, Lex
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