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  1. Ok, all welded, and painted, quite chuffed with how nice it turned out! With lot’s of help from forum member, and Royal Enfield guru Jan, who supplied the drawing and pivot parts!
  2. Ok, thanks, I'm always worrying about this stuff, have had to help 4 mates to remove the stuff, and it's not nice! Have found someone to weld the side stand, as my mates welder packed up this week! So it will be sent all this Friday. Cheers, and have fun with the outside of the tank! Lex
  3. Aren’t you afraid Ron, that when you remove the plate, and the tank springs back, that the coating will crack? Or is it quite flexible?? in the meantime I got the stand almost ready, just weld the tube to the pivot! cheers, Lex
  4. Yes, nice patina!! It should have been left like the bike bike was ridden by the priest, but the owner after that painted it black!! Cheers, Lex
  5. Nice Ron! hope it will all will be OK, time will tell, but have a bit of faith in it! Cheers, Lex
  6. Ah, yes, I forgot, but it does illustrate the case somewhat. Lex
  7. Ok, I still have to write down the sizes for the box spanners and check what I may already have! The make of some spanners is Shelley! Cheers, Lex
  8. OK, last for today, pictures of the very nice toolroll a forum member here made for me, still looking for the box spanners, if anyone has some? Cheers, Lex
  9. Then he went on with the wiring, I supplied the rubber wire, and for the colour coding, modern shrink tubing, and all looks neat and like original. we'll see if the original 1940 dated regulator will work or not, when the engine is running. Cheers, Lex
  10. OK, coating is ordered, after much deliberation we decided on the Caswell stuff (on their webpage they sell a coating remover for amongs others, "failed POR 15 coatings"!!), time will tell. Ron has got the fiddly twist grip stuff under control, but was a bit of a mixup of used and repro parts, so not easy. Cheers, Lex
  11. Thanks for all the answers on the coating! that restores some of my apprehension against them! Cheers, Lex
  12. Bikes were painted according to the War office guidelines, and not sand coloured, this was sometimes done when they arrived there, but not from the factory. The vertical seam was introduced around 1943, (from the top of my head) Cheers, Lex
  13. Ron, OK, we'll work on the twist grip stuff and the brake rod, but the very meaning of sourcing this out to you, and very gratefull you took it on, is that I would have never had the means to quickly see what was wrong! and there was far more wrong than we thought at first! but it will still come out right in the end!! it's almost there!! hang in there! Cheers, Lex
  14. Ok, may I ask, how long ago did you use the POR 15? and have the tanks been used with all sorts of petrol? I really hope this will work, but have had so many negative feedback over the years. Hope you understand, Cheers, Lex
  15. The tank was full of holes after (and before) blasting, so extensive repairs needed, or if anyone has another tank? after the first try it was still leaking, so maybe better after the second try? Cheers, Lex
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