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  1. welbike

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    Wow, wouldn't mind one of those!! and I had the radiator badge for a long time. (on my 1939 model 704S) Also a period picture. Cheers, Lex
  2. welbike

    Flying flea parts

    Regarding repro's, the above Dutch seller also had a so called "Flea" for sale, with a bogus story, and high price, but the fact was, it wasn't even a Flea!! it was a Swedish NV Bolagen, a Royal Enfield engined postwar bike, I only have the pictures from before they painted it green, but the frame, forks, wheels etc. are very different ! Hope nobody bought it, as that was a nasty piece of conwork! Cheers, Lex
  3. welbike

    Number plate size

    Ok, we'll see!! have fun tomorrow! don't forget the rubbers!! Rob is ever so slow. Cheers, Lex
  4. welbike

    Number plate size

    No Ron, it's a Hungarian calender, so don't know who she is?? you should have her telephone number, and inside leg mesurements for sure??? Anyway, only a Hardley Ablesone….. Cheers, Lex
  5. welbike

    Number plate size

    Hahaha, it's a Dutch number plate, but don't know the gal??, will ask on some dutch forums!! Cheers, Lex
  6. welbike


    Yes, it's not 40's, it's a 1950's New-Map, with a French AMC engine in it, that was used in more makes, nothing military at all as far as I know. Hope this helps, Lex
  7. welbike

    Something a bit different

    Nice progress Ron, but you can still buy the whole pillion rear grip stuff NOS in the states, think I bought it before from Rocky. Looking forward to see the bike in the flesh! do you have the contract plate too? Cheers, Lex
  8. Here the first two prototypes, needs some adjusting, but getting very close now! Cheers, Lex
  9. welbike

    Miller tail lamp

    You're making a loss there Ron!!! Cheers, Lex
  10. welbike

    Something a bit different

    Nice one Ron!!! Do you have the excellent book about this bike?? have some scans of manuals and other stuff if you need anything, sorry, bit late I know! Cheers, Lex
  11. welbike

    post war sales catalogues

    Also well underway with the Matchless Key Cards, all scanned and halfway through putting them in an Excell file, so it can be searched on frame or C number too. Cheers, Lex
  12. welbike

    post war sales catalogues

    Hi all, I got another bunch of sales catalogs in, mostly from the 60's and 70's will go through them this winter, and see what interesting stuff there may be. Cheers, Lex
  13. Hello Mauro, We are not ready with it yet, waiting for the last parts. I will give an update here and on Henk's forum, and Facebook, but it will take another month at least. Read about it here too: http://pub37.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=3155626639&frmid=16&msgid=1404458&cmd=show Thanks for the interest! Lex
  14. Finally after some years of development, we will be producing the Vokes filter elbows, for the Vokes tanktop desert airfilters. 100% like the originals, and will be working the same way.Will also have the hose, connector and period hose clamps available, maybe as a complete set. OK, there seems to be enough interest, so we will go ahead with it, price for a complete set, with hose, clamps, adaptor and the complete elbow will be around 175 euro's. So ready to fit most British makes, exept Matchless G3L, that was different. I will post pictures when the first prototypes are ready in a month or so. Cheers, Lex
  15. welbike

    Matchless WD G3L Engine plates

    I can have a DXF file done, will give him a plate, but will cost something. Will measure thickness later this weekend, have NOS G3L plates somewhere too, but where?? Lex