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  1. An unusual beastie..! The pond in the back doesn't look good but I'm sure it will be recoverable..
  2. When I registered my Jeep, March 2018, I just sent the paperwork off and got it done that way, no questions, no inspection.. As Jessie the Jeep says above, I doubt they have the manpower to inspect all vehicles..
  3. Thanks RIchard, it’s in the diary. Hopefully see you there
  4. Fairly new to the forum myself but a fellow Jeep owner I have a Feb 43 MB with an early Ford engine.. As has been said before, take LOADS of pictures and be sure to bag and tag everything that comes off.. I may have missed it but assume you are in the UK?
  5. OzH

    Jeep Wanted

    I’d go for it as well. I bought mine with no brakes, no electrics and I managed to restore it in my garage. As Jerry says, the wiring kits are a sinch to install I’m sure there’s lots of help on here and other forums if you need it
  6. Absolutely amazing work, outstanding attention to detail Keep the updates coming!
  7. Thanks Ashley I took it to the Three Oakfords Show in Shillingstone, Vintage Nostalgia, Newbury retro (blew the head gasket on the way up) and Rock n Ribs at Henstridge as well as the Poole quay get together. I'm still new to this so not sure what is on when, always open to suggestions..!
  8. I visited the show the last two years, all very good. May see about entering my jeep this year (though there were a lot of jeeps at the last two)!
  9. Hi all, my name is Aubrey (60s baby and parents with a sense of humour!!) and I live near Blandford in Dorset. I was about 12 watching “A bridge too far” where James Caan, playing Sgt. Eddie Dohun, was driving a Jeep up the side of a hill, bumping all over the place without any problem, decided then, one day, I would own one Many years later, having drooled over Jeeps and anything to do with them, in March 2018, I managed to buy a 1943 MB that I have restored and have had running (on and off) since Easter 2019 My wife thinks I’m barking mad as we had both served in the British Army, me 25 years, she (a mere) 12 years, where we spent the majority of our time maintaining our vehicles My current project is a “not very military” Yellow VW campervan for her ladyship but it does mean we can go to shows together! I'm hoping my next project will be a trailer for the Jeep
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