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  1. Re-read the request... you're looking for a baton, not baton rounds.. sorry..!
  2. No link to this chap but he has a couple for sale on ebay.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baton-rounds-Northern-Ireland/313154324060?hash=item48e973c65c:g:eBQAAOSwtP9eypMC https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baton-rounds-Northern-Ireland/313153396857?hash=item48e965a079:g:HcAAAOSwheleypNp
  3. Thanks Mark, I have ordered the lightweight trailer document, which I am hoping covers the 10cwt trailers as well, its a slightly different reference but worth a chance..! Thanks for the pointer
  4. And, brake strip down & cleanup is in progress.. I did think of getting new bearing but the existing ones are fine, just a good clean and repacked with new grease
  5. I've been doing bits and pieces on the trailer where I can Got the brake drums off with little problem, the grease has done a pretty good job of keeping the bearings and shaft in good nick
  6. Got to say, this is a great blog, I've thoroughly enjoyed following your progress so far.. Keep it going!
  7. And, the same issue with the chisel method of removing nuts..! This is what came off my Jeep with the replacement in the middle..
  8. I know that we Jeeps you to bend the washer between the two nuts as it acts as a lock washer, stops the nut vibrating off..
  9. Does anyone have a copy, physical or soft copy of the 10 cwt Identification List/Manual please? Original 10cwt or post war 1/2 tonne trailer will do the trick.. If you do, please let me know.. Thanks, OzH
  10. I saw this briefly come up on ebay, if I hadn't just picked up my mortar trailer I would have snapped it up! Looks to be in reasonable condition and if I remember correctly, the tail end/board had been cut to make it open, but it was with it.. Nice trailer..
  11. Certainly a beautiful job, I do love the before and after photos..!
  12. Managed a few hours over the last weeknights and over the weekend getting the woodwork removed. Managed to undo some bolts but the majority either sheared or I had to cut off. Those that did undo are beyond use, very badly corroded.. no surprise really! Managed to get one of the mudguards off, these have the attachment points welded to the bed uprights and a variety of hex bolts, countersunk and round headed screws holding on the guards. Any advice on what they should be attached with? The rear support let came off with little trouble. Of interest, it had a square plate between the clamp and the trailer chassis, the front one (which won't budge) does not. Any thoughts why? Some clean up and un-seizing will be required!
  13. So cleared the rotten bed off and started on the driver side boards With the bed removed I noticed pre-drilled holes on second crossmember, would this be standard so the chassis can be used for mortar or GS trailers? Also, you'll notice on the third cross member two huge coach bolts.. a bit random, I assume these were repairs I had spotted the white X number before but only when I was working on getting the coach bolts out did I notice some yellow, looks like B 5?? The tongue of the tongue and groove is remarkably well d, lasted 70+ years!
  14. Joes Motor Pool has studs as individual or packs of 8, they press in and tighten up so no bother if you are missing any As phil.c says, be wary as older rims can be off kilter so may need repairing or lots of balancing that doesn't look that great, outer rims are generally worse as they hit the curb first! Also, they do sometimes rust through at the air hole so watch out for that, but from the pictures, they look ok in that area I ended up buying about 8 to make 4 good wheels and an "only use in emergency" spare
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