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  1. Having a clear out of M38A1 bits and bobs. PM if interested. Collection from Southport, Merseyside or can take to Malvern on 17th November
  2. Thought I would post an update on quad restoration. Good to hear quad running again! IMG_1816.MOV
  3. M38a1 wind shield. Please see photos - missing bottom box section but blasted & primed. £20 or swap WW2 British webbing or WHY. Can take to Malvern this weekend. Will not post.
  4. Hi Bob it is the driven plate - thanks for the contact. Much appreciated. Martin
  5. Hi all Looking for a clutch plate for my Morris C8 GS. Any info/sources welcome! Cheers
  6. Need to have a bit of a clear out. Few bits and bobs from M38A1 restoration. Can take to Malvern this weekend or collection from Southport, PR8 (will not post) Oil pressure sender £10 Lamp (plastic) £5 Switch £5 Water temp sender £10 Fuel guage £15 Plugs £15 Carb bits plus manual £10 Restoration guide plus Canadian M38a1 £12 US webbing set £30 All sold as seen. Cheers
  7. Hi all Morris quad restoration continues in fits and starts. Probably obvious but I can’t see how to get this cable pulley off. Would like to remove so can clean up and unsieze. Any advice welcomed!
  8. Hi all came across this the other day. Wheels look British trailer type but.. couldn't find anything like it on internet. Any ideas?
  9. Work continues on the quad.. Meanwhile...engine rebuild on Morris C8 GS is going well (fingers crossed!). Good weekend with Julien Morgan (of Abergavenny). Hopefully in position to install engine in May. Does anyone know a good source for Morris C8 oil seals for transfer gearbox (axle shaft) or the correct ref no.for these. Also may need new clutch plate - any suppliers/sources that anyone is aware of? Cheers Martin
  10. Need to move my engineless Morris C8 gs from Southport to South Wales. Please get in touch if you have a backload or can help. Cheers
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