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  1. morrisc8gs

    For Sale Wheel Scotches

    Message sent
  2. morrisc8gs

    Morris quad update

    Hi all Morris quad restoration continues in fits and starts. Probably obvious but I can’t see how to get this cable pulley off. Would like to remove so can clean up and unsieze. Any advice welcomed!
  3. Hi all came across this the other day. Wheels look British trailer type but.. couldn't find anything like it on internet. Any ideas?
  4. morrisc8gs

    Morris quad update

    Work continues on the quad.. Meanwhile...engine rebuild on Morris C8 GS is going well (fingers crossed!). Good weekend with Julien Morgan (of Abergavenny). Hopefully in position to install engine in May. Does anyone know a good source for Morris C8 oil seals for transfer gearbox (axle shaft) or the correct ref no.for these. Also may need new clutch plate - any suppliers/sources that anyone is aware of? Cheers Martin
  5. Need to move my engineless Morris C8 gs from Southport to South Wales. Please get in touch if you have a backload or can help. Cheers
  6. morrisc8gs

    Morris quad update

    Managed to do some work on the quad - although progress slow! can anyone help with the the parts below? Many thanks
  7. morrisc8gs

    Morris quad update

    Thanks Rob - info much appreciated Martin
  8. morrisc8gs

    Morris quad update

    Thanks Ivor - will get one of those! any idea where I could get a replacement brake spring from? Ta
  9. morrisc8gs

    Morris quad update

    Very slow progress on quad but good weather has given me a chance to get some work done. Putting brakes back together and this happened to brake return Spring when trying to put back on. I assume it shouldn't end up looking like this! seems to have stretched out of shape. Does anyone one have a spare(s) or know where I could get them - tried PowerTrak but no luck. Also is there a method/ tool which helps to get them back on? Amazingly difficult the way I am doing it! Cheers Martin
  10. morrisc8gs

    Anyone know what this is?

    so.. post war aerial bracket. Would anyone know what set it would have been used with? Got 3 of these so if anyone is interested can take to Malvern. Have also advertised a WS18 sender, WS19 variometer and plessey generator in the ads which will also be taken to Malvern. Thanks for replies best wishes
  11. Having a a sort out and came across this. Does anyone know what it is and what it would be used with? label states ZI ZA 37733 Clamp and bracket Assemblies No. 1 PPO thanks in advance for any help
  12. morrisc8gs

    Morris C8 GS big end

    Many thanks for the replies - really helpful. does anyone know where this can be done in the north west (Southport) area?
  13. morrisc8gs

    Morris C8 GS big end

    Hi Had a very productive day working on the Morris. Broke down on way back from Wartime in the Vale/ Jesrey Liberation (both excellent!) with heavy engine knock. We tracked this down to big end wth about 2mm on crankshaft with remains of bearing material in the sump. Couple of surprises 1.Was expecting she'll bearings as the manual but none present. Assume these were replaced with con rods with white metal bearings? How does this work? 2. Con rods had mismatched caps although other 3 had no play? Is this normal? Assuming this needs replacing/ repairing what is this best way forward? New con rod/end cap? crank re ground to match? Thanks in advance for advice! Attached photo shows offending item!
  14. morrisc8gs

    Engine hoists and stands

    Hi Austin that would be great and very good of you!! will pm my mobile number Cheers Martin