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  1. To the best of my knowledge none survive, the oldest survivor in preservation was built in 1919. slightly off topic, but yesterday I stripped the front axle and spring, perch bracket etc ready for some planned (and slightly unplanned!) work, and found quite a lot of Khaki paint in hidden places where it had been missed over subsequent repaints. David
  2. Thank you for the replies. That looks like an Oldfield Dependence light, so perhaps that is what was fitted... but certainly the one in the colourised photos of the Clayton isn’t one of these, but yes, basically in the same location. That Foden is earlier than mine, as the handbrake is external to the cab, but a very interesting photo and not one I’ve seen before with the sheets rolled up etc. Thank you for these replies.
  3. Good evening, my first post so hoping it works! I am very lucky to be the proud owner of 5 ton Foden Steam Wagon number 7536 of 1917. I have a copy of the original build sheet which states (amongst other things) that it was Supplied to the war department, painted “Khaki” as a tipping wagon. On the build sheet it states: Lanps - Dependence Fronts and tail, P&H headlight. I know that these are Oldfield Dependence lights, and a Powell and Hamner Model 500 self generating acetylene headlamp which is fitted to the chimney base. However, what my question is, is regarding another lamp bracket which is on the cab “front”... my Foden has this lamp bracket fitted, but I never knew if it was done by the War Department, or during its later working life with Devon County Council (who purchased the wagon in 1920) until I watched Peter Jackson’s wonderful WW1 film “they shall not grow old” in which two Clayton wagons drive past the camera with a lamp fitted in exactly the same place as mine has a lamp bracket - which has led me to deduce that this is a WD fitment... I am happy to be corrected on this! if this is a WD lamp, then can anyone positively identify its manufacturer / model? I have a collection of lamps and it doesn’t match anything else I have, with a rear mounting bracket - for example it is very different to any of my Eli Griffiths lamps. I do realise that the sidelights on the Clayton in the attached photo are not Dependence Lamps, and I now have a set of “civilian” King of the Road 742’s fitted as these were fitted to Fodens - although I keep my eyes open for a set of WD Oldfield Dependence front lamps - so if anyone has any gathering dust please let me know! The second image is my Foden alongside the other WW1 Foden, which was restored war period livery hope this is of interest. david
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