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  1. HELLO EVERYONE i am looking for bsa j12 (500cc vee twin) or y13(750cc vee twin) tha army and raf had some between 1935/38 and uk/commonwealth police also had them malc barlow 07714 229201 or reply to add
  2. Hello every one i load lorries and trailers for export to africa , one of the customers bought a mark 1 aec militant with a american star drilling rig on it the rig is now off awaiting loading for africa.The truck has not done a lot in its life just sat around waiting for the next hole to drill, cab is all there very little rust ,the engine you just look at it and it starts no smoke, under floor winch.i amlooking for some other than scrap men who want to break it for the 3 bronze diffs , to take it on as i project or if enough people wanted big bits of her i would consider breakingher up other wize she can sit there . Its in doncaster you can come and see her just give me a ring malcolm barlow 07714 229201
  3. HELLO i bought a bsa j12 500cc (vee twin engine ) from begium it had been left there when the lads had to come home in a hurry. normally all bsa have a bsa engine and frame number which are all recorded but those bought ona air ministry contract had special numbers . Mine for example has frame number H15.26.26 engine number H15.2696 bsa club comfirm that it was despatched from the factory as a 500cc special war office twin ,part of a 200 machine supplied to the air ministry under contract 559903/36c10(b)and 632331/37 between january 1936 and july 1937. if you find out where this was stationed in begium please let me know i am in doncaster 07714 229201 regards malcolm barlow
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