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  1. Hi everyone still on the hunt for a WD bike decided to stick strictly to the 16h as the Norton's have always been my true passion. Anyone got one tucked away they are considering selling ? looking for one to use regularly like I do my 650ss an crank some miles on get to the events etc. My Grandpa was in the 8th army miss him alot so looking for something to honour an remember him in my own way. Budget is dependant on the condition and originality although I have got the budget for an original bike now cash waiting for the right one. Will travel the country for the right bike so distance isn't an issue. Thanks in advance, Tom
  2. Got to sit on a Wd 16H today and look at all the dispatch riders gear thanks to a friendly owner who invited me over to have a look at his got me even more excited now as I know I fit on one even though I'm tall! Very humbling as well thinking about what the bike may have been through! Really can't wait to get one of my own an start cranking the miles on. Learnt an endless amount today about the details to look for always amazes me just how brilliant the bike community is Was amazing as his dad had served in Egypt an so did my Grandpa who was in the 8th army. Who's the main reason I'm hunting for one miss him alot. Thanks again mate very much appreciated. 110% convinced the 16h is the right one for me out of all the wd marques look forward to getting along to all the events an rallies when one turns up.
  3. Ahh Cheers Lex really appreciate the reply Constantly learning.
  4. Another thing I was curious about on the 16h bikes seen some with oil tanks with a vertical seam when looking at the bike side on and some without was this a year change? Many Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi Everyone hope we are all well While I'm still hunting for a 16h thought I'd do a bit more research one thing I'm curious over is on the bikes that went to Africa 8th army etc. What Colour were they painted were they all in the sand colourway or was there a mix of colours drab green, brown etc? (also what's the correct term for the sand colours) Many Thanks, Tom
  6. Ahh Thanks 79 Yeah I see what you mean looking at the pictures
  7. Thanks 79 that's a really brilliant post very informative yep since you mentioned the forks I need to do some more research on visual differences so I know what I'm looking at difference wise the tank pictures are a huge help. Hi Duke I saw it with the engine numbers with now wm prefix and it had wm20 stamped in huge letters, my limited an I mean really limited knowledge on wm20s was that the engine number was all in one line originally ? hence me asking every scrap of info I learn is a really big help
  8. Hi Jenkinov, Thanks for the reply must admit I'm starting to realise what a minefield they can be regarding incorrect stuff, learning constantly at the moment which is good on my hunt for one. Seen a few which I spotted things were quite wrong on including a bsa with what I think was incorrect engine stamping. Does anyone know about the underside on the 16h tanks? Totally get that regarding the Speedo's seen that with some other classics I've had where it can be a bit of a pain to find. Think I'm right in saying the wm20 and rest of the engine and frame number should all be in one line? Really leaning towards the Norton's at the moment just because of my familiarity with the brand an I've always loved Norton's my uncle raced them in the 60's. Many thanks, Tom
  9. Ideally looking for the 16h now guys tz sold the other week so properly on the hunt. Cheers,
  10. Just to add to this does anyone know if there are any tell tale ways to identify the indian repro tinware on the wd bikes? Many thanks
  11. Thanks again everyone for all the advice on the hunt for one now sold my tz project over the weekend happy days!
  12. Hi Duke really appreciate the reply Ideally a runner although I'll probably keep my eyes open to anything all depends on what ends up coming available I guess. Just on the back end of rebuilding my 68, NV Commando previous owner used it as a show bike an left the cylinder head full of blast media an she started to let go on an run out so I've ended up stripping her right down just putting the crank back together over the next week or so total pain funds wise but on the plus got a ton of tools now haha! Which came in handy when I replaced the rocker spindles on the 650ss quite a rare Commando though being one of the first 80 built so will be worth it in the end. that's a really kind offer that I'll have to take you up on at some point live near the cat and fiddle so not to far a few friends of mine who race live your way out. just on the way back from the motorcycle museum having popped down to do a bit of research.
  13. Thanks Ron really appreciate the advice and Information stunning bikes! Everyone's been so great with all the advice. Thanks for posting the pictures awesome to look at. Yep I'm definitely going to have to get along to a few events have you guys got any suggestions for any? Hadn't really considered an Enfield but they sure look stunning as do the Matchless. I'm a bike a holic so I'll probably end up the same as you with a few eventually in the process of selling most of my Japanese classics at the moment few have just recently gone so I can start the hunt been using my Norton 650ss every single day an it's been super interesting every days been a learning day be exciting to learn and work on the wd bikes. Been reading forces motorcycles been a brilliant read and the 16h manual as well never read up about side valve engines before so lots to learn. Thanks again an happy new year to you both
  14. Hey everyone just starting the hunt for a wd Norton 16h or another model of ww2 bike preference is the norton though ideally after one with a v5 in the uk. Feel free to pop me a PM if you have anything for sale. Many thanks.
  15. Thanks Matchless yeah I totally get that hopefully the forces motorcycles book I've got should come in handy for that. Looking forward to starting the hunt for one.
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