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  1. I send my broken DRS LXI to this youtube channel and it was fixed. Very interesting videos!
  2. Hi Andy, it's a pity. Actually I got two LXI. I damaged one probably the daughterboard with the Chips & Technologies 65550 display chip so that the screen flickers also on an external VGA screen. Hanwen
  3. I also finally got my DRS LXI to run Win98SE and some DOS games. At beginning, it always got stuck in the booting phase. Then inspired by this thread (http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?60359-NCR-SDMS-SCSI-hanging-(EDS-DRS-LXI-Military-Laptop)/page2) that their might be some issue with the BAMS board. After removing a jumper on it, the computer booted normally. My next setup is to replace the PC Card of Ethernet + Modem with a one for WLAN, then I can go online and get software and games much easier. Actually I got one which has however a CardBus interface which differs slightly from the old PC Card. Then another from CISCO is ordered and on the way. This thread is also very helpful for me to recover my LXI. Many thanks to all contributors especially Iain and Heinrich! Besides this page (https://www.multi-board.com/board/index.php?thread/80350-wiederbelebung-eines-drs-lxi-militär-notebook/) and the note in PDF format helps me a lot in disassemble it and replace the CMOS battery. Another question is that, does anyone know that how could I get the sound from LXI?? It has a build-in Yamaha sound card but there seems to be no audio port or jacket at all. Best regards, Hanwen
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