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  1. I'm only really interested in the external dimensions as my replica will have the barrel and barrel sleeve fixed in place, no trigger mechanism, and no way to feed cartridges from the magazine.
  2. Perhaps @eddy8men if he has the time could check the dimensions of his STEN to the plans and see what the score is ?
  3. Thanks that's perfect, can you tell me the thickness of the sheet steel used on the grip plate ? Are there 3 sets of 3 holes equally spaced around the tube ?
  4. These are the plans I'm working off, I have read some comments online that they are not accurate but its all there is as far as I know.
  5. I'm fabricating a non functional replica STEN mkII and need just need to know what the thickness of the butt plate and grip piece steel sheet is ? And the spacing and diameter of the holes in the barrel sleeve. Thanks.
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