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  1. Thanks Pete, I've been talking to jeep owners all over the country this year at shows etc, one of the guys at Howarth 40's weekend put me onto the G503 forum, loads to read there as you say. I'll post up successes, fails and events
  2. Just sat and read all that with a brew, really enjoyed it thanks I'm sure there'll be a few surprises found on mine, hopefully they'll be positive ones but i'm going to enjoy myself tinkering and driving it whatever.
  3. 7th August 1942 according to the plate, just been imported from the US so it's been a long time getting to the ETO I've got the US title and that gives me an owner and address so i'll put something in the post to him to see if i can find out what's been done and any history. By the looks of it it's had a lot of work done, even had fuel stabiliser added and noted on the fuel cap, so i get the feeling someone knew what they were doing but you can never be certain so i'll give it a good going over and service. Other than a binding front brake and a leaky radiator cap, all looks well so far, fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks Pete, GPW now in my ownership and looking forward to next year even more now I've got one to play with
  5. Hi all, life long WW2 interest, just finally getting to buying a GPW. Will post details when it arrives, hopefully Tuesday
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