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  1. Oh, I called them and they said they would call back if they had any. I assumed as they had not got back to me three weeks later they did not have any. I will try again! Thanks
  2. Definitely still looking, where is this yard, and a name? Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks, I tried to contact this one but have had no replies.
  4. Thanks John, I realise the condition is everything and it is good to know what to check for. i am now trying to find out what they are worth in different condition, to have a base to make an offer.
  5. Thanks for both of those there is one that I just missed out on on milweb, and it appears tanksalot don’t have any at the moment. the one for sale on plant finder is at £9,500 and seems in the same condition as the last milweb stolly which sold for £3,750 I think. So I am a bit confused on the prices!
  6. Hi, I am looking to buy a Stolly and I was wanting to know if there was one for sale in the uk? What sort of prices are they going for at the moment? typically I have seen them for sale before but now I am in the market for one I am struggling to find one. I would be grateful for any help. thanks In advance
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