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  1. Have you tecived my e mail?
  2. Got a 1942 wm20 frame complete
  3. Hi got a pair of footrest
  4. Ill check lex what i have
  5. Sorry ron no switch looking for 2 for mine
  6. Got some spare james ml parts fir sale if any one needs something ask and i see if i have.
  7. Ok. I got another g3 wo tank that i will sell soon .but right now its on my bike. Till i restore the other tank. I even got a spare water deflector that mounts with the petrol tank
  8. Might got a rear brake pedal spare
  9. Would you sell the g3l mudgaurds as im after a pair please??
  10. Im restoring it. Suppose im px it with a panel tank.
  11. Hi barry fo be honest im restoring the tank right now
  12. Original panel with all genuine instruments for sale.
  13. For sale original bsa wm20 speedo drive in good condition
  14. New matchless g3 shoes for sale
  15. Good used matchless g3 wo bottom yoke for sale.
  16. Think i have a g3 wo petrol tank email me on. Chrisbsa39@hotmail.com
  17. Wd flat handlebar Upper headlamp brackets Wd headlamp switch Front mudgaurd stays Blank plate Wd tank badge Wd petrol cap Petrol pipe Wd kickstarter Wd rear sprocket
  18. Got some wd flying flea throttle parts if someone intrested i am in need of some flea bits can swop with throttle parts
  19. Ok thx let me know how much if you decide to sell.
  20. Ok let me know what you have spare. Im intrested in that banana shape plate for pick up protection aswell as i dont have and the hanfle bar if its the flat wd type im intrested aswell please or throttle bits thx again in advance.
  21. Do you have whats up or messenger?
  22. Am after these if you have any for sale Petrol cap Front mudgaurd stays Petrol pipe Kickstarter Rear drum/wheel Tank badge Gear lever rod Rear brake rod Handle bar Headlamp stays upper ones x2
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