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  1. Thx ron for your help. He does the lodge plug cap aswell?
  2. Many thx ron is this the same guy who makes the air maze plates?
  3. Hi is there anyone who has or know where to buy 1 of these connector thx. Chris
  4. Hi anyone knows or has a original exhaust complete or muffler for a wd flea?
  5. Hi i have a 1939 g3 wo motorcycle and i need a rear good frame for it anyone has 1 for sale please?. Thx in advance. Chris
  6. Thx steve snd ron for the info. By any chance the civillian crank does it fits in a wd crankcase as it is a bit wider thx again.
  7. Thx ron is it the wd type you think?
  8. Ok thx. On the website there isnt any cranks for sale but ill give them a call tomorrow thx again.
  9. Thx again for your help really appriciate
  10. Hi thx for the info on the cranks really appriciate . Your help ill see if i can find 1 wd type. Also wanted to ask if i find a wd type crank and it will need a new crank pin do i find a new crank pin for it,? Thx again. Regards chris
  11. Hi im after a ww2 flying flea crankshaft so i can start building my engine is there someone who has a wd crank for sale please thx in advance. Regards chris
  12. Thx ron email recived. And thx for helping with information and some parts.
  13. Anyone knows from where can i buy this plate for my airmaze filters thx.
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