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  1. Hi there Dusty. My name is Russell James, My Father is Robert James, Son of Edward James (Ted). For my Dad i am trying to locate any information regarding his Father as he served 1stly in the AFS and once WW2 was underway, he served in the NFS. As far as I know he was the Cardiff station chief during WW2 (exact dates unknown to me), as his service helmet bore two white stripes, I also gather that his was a senior role as we have photos of him driving Winston Churchill around Cardiff upon his second visit after the Cardiff blitzes. I am in New Zealand and am stuck on where to start looking. My Dad was born in May 1945 and his Father passed away in Perth, Western Australia about 25 years ago aged 76 (I think) Ted was married to Elsie may, I do not have her maiden name in front of me so my apologies. They lived in Pontypridd before moving to Cardiff Central and Ted was known as "James the fire" My Father recalls his Father (Ted) having 3 Fire Service cards in his wallet possibly for civil defense of maybe for evacuation purposes enabling him to close buildings and restrict access. I have no further information regarding this. My Father also recalls that as a boy their house was the only one in the village to have a telephone and were also privileged with the use of the station vehicle. If you are able to be of any assistance it would be greatly appreciated as I have often seen My Father (Rob James) searching online for any information but he has come to a few dead ends and lacks hope. closing to Christmas I would love to be able to provide any further insight into his Fathers life and if possible service history? Anything would be of help, thank you for your time. Regards, Russell James. Russell.james.chef@gmail.com
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