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  1. Wy am I getting every day spam mail about booking vehicles and stalls , are there not many booked ? otherwise you would not send so many reminders.
  2. it is a wartime( or just pre war ) 180gallon water bowser,
  3. Are these jacks supposed to be green ? I have got 4 , and only one was green , the others where black , and no primer underneath.
  4. Hi Wally , You are right about the rules on paper for the arm of service , but on several of my vehicles I found them the other way round .on the rear , or next to each other on the right side .
  5. The black camo stuff the British army used was a Latex based paint , almost the same as interior wall paint , it can be mixed in every color .
  6. What does the military vehicle community think about the new prices for entering with a vehicle ? So if you don`t book before the end of January it is going to be 50,- pounds , that is if I am informed correctly . I personally know only which vehicle I will be taking after the vehicle season starts .
  7. So it is good stuff to lubricate your valve seats and guides
  8. E10 is the Standard for 95 octane petrol now in Belgium . Germany has it as well . If you fill the E10 Stuff in a glass jar , you can notice that there is a 2 layer shift after a certain time . so top is good stuff the bottom part you have to throw away .
  9. No , there is tax on this fuel , it is even slightly more expensive, then 95 E10
  10. over here I can , every airfield with small single propeller aircrafts sells it .
  11. There is a solution for this , if you Buy AFGAS Aviation gasoline . This is still the old spec fuel , and can also stay a lot longer in your parked up vehicle without degrading so fast .
  12. Victory toys where supposed to be located near Maastricht .
  13. When I restored my No 11 cab Chevrolet , I found that the inside off the body , and cab always stayed olive drab through its life , even in civy use , the outside had under the civy color a brown black camo applied (wheel arches , and underside where also not resprayed )., so that is how I restored her , but I got during the years the odd remark , and did you not have enough Brown paint ? What can you answer then .
  14. Yes I have 2 dingo tyres you could have , they have only done a few miles .
  15. they where obsolete by then
  16. Do you still need the angle irons for the sprockets ? I found a CATI axle not far from Elsenborn .
  17. Jeremy , the brackets for the tubes should be U shaped , they go over the sideboards on both sides , and are welded to the bows , a bit enological , because on the bottom of the bows they are in the rounded brackets , and dan come a bit outwards because of the thickness of the U shaped holders , these prevent as well that the bows wiggle for an backwards , the U`s are locked in place with the rectangular blocks which are bolted to the body .
  18. Danny on the Early drop side bodies , there are no top tubes fitted , just the 3 bows like Jeremy has made them .
  19. this is opening a can of worms , there are events in the Netherlands for all era veterans , with up till now vehicles allowed , but Market Garden is about remembering September 1944 . M201 Hotchkiss discussion is another one , but what about Phillipine bodied jeeps and chassis which are replaced ? GMC`s with post war made Bodies from Germany … so a difficult discussion , but they want vehicles which look correct for 1944
  20. mtskull, I am from abroad , but can tell you that we had to go to MOT every year with our pre 1950 vehicles , it was troublesome , because none of the MOT stations had a clue about the regulations of the older vehicles , 4x4 vehicles could not even do the brake test , so there where loads of complaints from well maintained vehicle owners , and finally the 40 + year old vehicles are exempt , I have not yet come across one unserviceable vehicle at rallies.
  21. They are British , and have when new a date casted in to them , Adrian is right , the folded ones are all post war dated , there was a welded box version as well , these are ww2 as well
  22. Maurice


    Looks to me as aWW2 version , because it has fuel filler on top of the bonnet , the post war ones had the fuel tank under the seat . Single rear wheel ones where made with rear suspension , and without for warehouse use
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