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  1. Unusual winching ground anchor.

    They are British , and have when new a date casted in to them , Adrian is right , the folded ones are all post war dated , there was a welded box version as well , these are ww2 as well
  2. Tug

    Looks to me as aWW2 version , because it has fuel filler on top of the bonnet , the post war ones had the fuel tank under the seat . Single rear wheel ones where made with rear suspension , and without for warehouse use
  3. Information on 2 water bowsers

    WW 2 1 ton trailers also stayed in use till the 90ies in the Dutch army
  4. Information on 2 water bowsers

    they are ex Dutch army bowsers , still used up to the 80ies
  5. Bedford MWC restoration

    Guy , have a look at the difference between your rims and the MWC one ,yours has the tire valve on the right of the wheel nut , the MWC has it on the left , and has 2 longer studs . The longer studded ones are Canadian , and are not exactly the same as British ones , can`t mix the rims .
  6. ww2 Jeep £40,000

    It has a Dutch registration , and the sign behind it is also in Dutch , so selling it from the UK is doubtfull.
  7. 1944 Zero Hour Rebuilt Tank Engine

    Continental C1 Radial engine for Sherman Priest , Sexton etc.
  8. Thanks for the pictures , de handle with the 2 screws looks like it was made by the local black smith , is it cast , or pressed sheet metal ?
  9. Another Question ,in one of Ron`s pictures there is an inner door handle , are they still somewhere available ?
  10. Autocar pontoon tractor

    Is there a way to tell the date off manufacture for an Autocar pontoon tractor ? A friend needs this for registering his truck . Thanks already .
  11. Historic Vehicle use in Germany

    If you are a Geman citizen , and you would want to drive a historic vehicle over 3,5 ton , then you need a C license. If you are a UK citizen driving a German registered vehicle , then you also would need a C classed driving license .
  12. Cranes 7.5 ton light recovery trailer

    Richard the bracket it self is on the trailer , but the mounting piece for the rim on my Canadian trailer is missing , on the british it is usually another hub mounted on this bracket.
  13. Cranes 7.5 ton light recovery trailer

    10-50x13 tyres where fitted on the British versions . the Canadian trailers had 10-50x16 tires on standard 16"split rims . the brake set up is done with Ford parts , Ford master cilinders , and 4 , 3 ton Ford rear brake cilinders in Ford Hubs . some had a retrofitted tow hook on the rear to be able to tow another 7 1/2 ton trailer .
  14. Cranes 7.5 ton light recovery trailer

    The British ones where cable operated , and the Canadian version Air over hydraulic . Parts are difficult , I am still looking for the bracket for the spare wheel to mount it with on the frame , or even pictures would do .
  15. guy quad GS 1944

    rear canvas looks as if it came from a 15CWT CMP truck.