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  1. Autocar pontoon tractor

    Is there a way to tell the date off manufacture for an Autocar pontoon tractor ? A friend needs this for registering his truck . Thanks already .
  2. Historic Vehicle use in Germany

    If you are a Geman citizen , and you would want to drive a historic vehicle over 3,5 ton , then you need a C license. If you are a UK citizen driving a German registered vehicle , then you also would need a C classed driving license .
  3. Cranes 7.5 ton light recovery trailer

    Richard the bracket it self is on the trailer , but the mounting piece for the rim on my Canadian trailer is missing , on the british it is usually another hub mounted on this bracket.
  4. Cranes 7.5 ton light recovery trailer

    10-50x13 tyres where fitted on the British versions . the Canadian trailers had 10-50x16 tires on standard 16"split rims . the brake set up is done with Ford parts , Ford master cilinders , and 4 , 3 ton Ford rear brake cilinders in Ford Hubs . some had a retrofitted tow hook on the rear to be able to tow another 7 1/2 ton trailer .
  5. Cranes 7.5 ton light recovery trailer

    The British ones where cable operated , and the Canadian version Air over hydraulic . Parts are difficult , I am still looking for the bracket for the spare wheel to mount it with on the frame , or even pictures would do .
  6. guy quad GS 1944

    rear canvas looks as if it came from a 15CWT CMP truck.
  7. Andy , about the price for that Auctioned Jeep , If you look at this Jeep in regards of originality , it is not a good Example ,it is changed a bit too MB configuration , but maybe only the chassis is MB . It looks as if it needs a full rebuilt , and that will cost another 6000,- , so finally you end up for a decent Jeep again in the region of 16000,-plus hours TLC . I think a vehicle which is quality wise done up right , will also fetch top range money , as mentioned before , there are not many people anymore who want to put the time in to restoring a vehicle .
  8. 10.50 x 16 wheels (pair)

    beware , Canadian rims have 2 long studs , and the valve hole is in a different position , you also can`t asemble a rim from a British and a Canadian half .
  9. Later Chev`s have it under the footwell at the co drivers side, so it was not so prone to damage.
  10. Ruxy , in those years there where less running tanks then now , the colectors scene only started in the beginning of the 80ies , the MAP vehicles where still in use by NATO armies , so what was restored where vehicles which had already a hard civy life . All the tanks which apeared in the film are still alive , the the M4A4firefly , 105 mm vvss , 76w HVSS, and 76 VVSS, where Belgian army , the 105 VVSS , dozer chassis , and all the burning wrecks are Dutch army , even the burning M10 achiles is back to running condition again.
  11. New yard find

    There used to be Austin 10 engines in these pumps if I am correct .
  12. cab tool blocks in a bedford MW

    Danny your pioneer tool holders look correct to me , I have seen more roughly made ones in the past .
  13. Bedford MWD restoration

    The volume of 2 chains is too much for the box , I don`t think they carried them with them all the time .
  14. Bedford MWD restoration

    Jeremy , In had a look at the panels yesterday , Would it be OK if I put paper on the mesh , and rub with a pencil over it ?
  15. Early engine side panels

    I can borrow you one of mine