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  1. So it is good stuff to lubricate your valve seats and guides
  2. E10 is the Standard for 95 octane petrol now in Belgium . Germany has it as well . If you fill the E10 Stuff in a glass jar , you can notice that there is a 2 layer shift after a certain time . so top is good stuff the bottom part you have to throw away .
  3. No , there is tax on this fuel , it is even slightly more expensive, then 95 E10
  4. over here I can , every airfield with small single propeller aircrafts sells it .
  5. There is a solution for this , if you Buy AFGAS Aviation gasoline . This is still the old spec fuel , and can also stay a lot longer in your parked up vehicle without degrading so fast .
  6. Maurice

    Tin toy Jeep made in Holland in 1945

    Victory toys where supposed to be located near Maastricht .
  7. Maurice

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    When I restored my No 11 cab Chevrolet , I found that the inside off the body , and cab always stayed olive drab through its life , even in civy use , the outside had under the civy color a brown black camo applied (wheel arches , and underside where also not resprayed )., so that is how I restored her , but I got during the years the odd remark , and did you not have enough Brown paint ? What can you answer then .
  8. Maurice

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Yes I have 2 dingo tyres you could have , they have only done a few miles .
  9. Maurice

    Carrier help/advice

    they where obsolete by then
  10. Maurice

    Loyd Carrier

    Do you still need the angle irons for the sprockets ? I found a CATI axle not far from Elsenborn .
  11. Maurice

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Jeremy they are 2 1/8 inch high inside
  12. Maurice

    Bedford MWD restoration

    this is an original bow for my MWG
  13. Maurice

    Bedford MWD restoration

    will do
  14. Maurice

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Jeremy , the brackets for the tubes should be U shaped , they go over the sideboards on both sides , and are welded to the bows , a bit enological , because on the bottom of the bows they are in the rounded brackets , and dan come a bit outwards because of the thickness of the U shaped holders , these prevent as well that the bows wiggle for an backwards , the U`s are locked in place with the rectangular blocks which are bolted to the body .
  15. Maurice

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Danny on the Early drop side bodies , there are no top tubes fitted , just the 3 bows like Jeremy has made them .