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  1. Blimey Ash I should like to see your field ! Thank you Ashcollection, I will try to attach a photo of the roller assembly. If I fail, my email is simondduff@gmail.com so perhaps we could comms that way - it is just that I haven’t got the hang of this forum, or any forum ! I am in East Devon, where are you ? Simon
  2. Thank you Mike, that is most enlightening. Now I can widen the search. Simon D
  3. I am restoring the winch on my Scammell TRMU . The winch has suffered abuse in the form of the wire coming off and jamming up the whole works. In particular two of the rope packing arms are bent and one is missing the roller assembly at the ends. Does anyone know of a pile of winch parts somewhere or a donor winch ? I can probably straighten the arms but the missing roller assembly is a bigger problem. Any help gratefully received
  4. Thank you Amsco, I will text you but in the meantime I would like to find out what’s what with the display part, so if anyone else knows, I would like to hear from them. Thank you Simon D
  5. Good morning ! I have started restoration of my newly acquired TRMU 30 and repair work to the diesel fuel tank is progressing. However the mechanical fuel level indicator is in need of attention. The float and bevel gear arrangement is intact and I am surmising that the rotation of a small magnet influences the visible indicator part on the outside section of the diecast body. Nothing remains of what was there. Can anyone please give me a clue ? Thank you
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