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  1. bump! If anyone has ANYTHING, no matter what condition, age, etc. please PM me
  2. Bump. Looking for anything, and country, any age, any condition
  3. I'm in London, but I would happily drive or pay for shipping
  4. Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy rations for my collection - I restore them back to there original state, so they will be around forever. I'm interested in any ration packs, but the older the better. I don't mind if the rations are water damaged, leaking or not complete. I'm especially looking for compo rations, but like I said before, everything's cool. Thank you!
  5. Just introducing myself here. My real name's Charles, I'm an American but I've been living in the UK for a good while. I love metal detecting, militaria, baseball and basketball. I'm especially interested in Ration packs. Thanks for reading!😀
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