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  1. I will have a look. It's difficult not having any proper details about this truck! Thanks again for your help. Louie
  2. Hi there I did try the museum, they could only copy a small amount for me-about 5 pages or so. It's only general data and no repair details/info. Really appreciate your help though. Regards Louie
  3. Thanks people for your help. I will try that forum. Regards
  4. Thanks for your help again. I appreciate it. Do you know where I can find this book to get the details from. Regards
  5. If you could that would be brilliant. Thank you
  6. That is strange as it certainly isn't an aircraft! Its got 4 wheels atleast! Everything is so confusing on this truck
  7. Hi Richard. I appreciate your help either way. I wonder if the first two digits of your seven digit code would help? Have you got a photograph if your help page? I cannot find anything on the internet regarding my two number stores codes. Regards
  8. Hi Richard. Crossley FWD. Ref. Numbers are; 34A/35 34A/50,51 34A/77 Kind regards
  9. Sadly they're a bit too recent. I'm after the ww2 era ones. But thank you for your help
  10. Hi everyone I think this is the right part of the forum for this topic. I've a small list of "A.M. Stores reference numbers" which I need to convert.. They are for the different lubricants on my vehicle. I need to know the modern types of oils and brake fluids instead of stores codes! Has anyone got a conversion chart of some sort? Kind regards
  11. I haven't but will do, thank you for the tip.
  12. I've googled your Lockheed codes and it's not come up with anything. Looks like this missing cylinder could be a pain! Louie
  13. Hi richard Thanks for your reply. According to some of the original info I've got, the wheel cylinders are girling for the crossley 4x4 load chassis. Maybe the Lockheed type you mention will do the job, I'll do some googling Regards
  14. Hi everyone As restoration is getting on it's way on the crossley 4x4, I've stumbled upon a problem (probably the biggest problem actually). One of the rear wheels is missing part of the braking arrangement, it's the transverse cylinder which sits behind the wheel. A girling one. I've been looking for one for sale in the internet but with no luck. Does anyone here know of any for sale/know of any around? Looking forward to some promising info as I'm stuck without it! Kind regards
  15. Hi all This kind of makes sense now. Also if anyone knows of any spare manuals or documentation around that is for sale please let me know it would help me out a lot. Regards
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