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  1. I haven't but will do, thank you for the tip.
  2. I've googled your Lockheed codes and it's not come up with anything. Looks like this missing cylinder could be a pain! Louie
  3. Hi richard Thanks for your reply. According to some of the original info I've got, the wheel cylinders are girling for the crossley 4x4 load chassis. Maybe the Lockheed type you mention will do the job, I'll do some googling Regards
  4. Hi everyone As restoration is getting on it's way on the crossley 4x4, I've stumbled upon a problem (probably the biggest problem actually). One of the rear wheels is missing part of the braking arrangement, it's the transverse cylinder which sits behind the wheel. A girling one. I've been looking for one for sale in the internet but with no luck. Does anyone here know of any for sale/know of any around? Looking forward to some promising info as I'm stuck without it! Kind regards
  5. Hi all This kind of makes sense now. Also if anyone knows of any spare manuals or documentation around that is for sale please let me know it would help me out a lot. Regards
  6. Hi Malcolm Could it be possible that my vehicle was made in 1938, and left unused, or maybe used for Something other than military, and then used for war service when the war started? I can't think of any other reason behind the march 1938 date. Louie
  7. Hi Thanks for your reply. I don't know exactly what crossley it is but it's thought to be a 4x4 q type. Also I'm Lancashire UK I'll try and update my profile. Kind regards
  8. Good morning, I need a radiator for my crossley, the original one is badly damaged. If anyone has one or knows of any please let me know. I know there's probably not many around. Maybe one off a different vehicle will fit (?). Kind regards
  9. Thanks for your reply. There's a contract number on this plate. Louie
  10. I've had a look on the engine, but can't see any codes. Would probably be easier if the radiator was removed. But I only recently put it back on! I've got all the brass plates with info and codes on, it says the engine number on one of these but there's a chance it couldve been re-engined since then! Regards
  11. Hi Mike Thanks for your help! It's in the log book as 1938. I will see if I can have a look for a code on the engine, the radiator might be in the way a bit. And I know it's been in a barn for a long time, that's helped keep it in good condition! There is not an oil tank that I'm aware of on the vehicle, which is why I thought it was a normal wet sump engine. Maybe it is not the crossley fwd model after all? It all seems a bit mixed up! Regards Louie
  12. Thanks for your help so far guys. My crossley was made in 1938, so it must be an aluminium engine. I don't think the magneto is a Simms. I'm pretty sure it's an AC. It's got a solex carburettor. According to the crossley website my wagon should have a dry sump engine, but I don't think mine has. That's the trouble I've been having-my vehicle doesn't EXACTLY match any other crossleys I've found! Also nice to see a crossley engine Out on the work bench! Louie
  13. Hello everyone I have this crossley lorry, 4x4 type. It's in pretty good condition but still needs a little bit of work. If anyone has any parts or manuals or information that could help me out in a minor restoration it would be greatly appreciated! I can't find much information about these crossleys. Information is so vague I don't even know what size engine it has! Please see photo Regards
  14. Hi all I think it's a Q type. Info is limited on these it seems. It's a 4x4 anyway.
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