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  1. Thanks fv, I ran into the same thing. A lady that worked for Raytheon looked at it yesterday and thought it may be a part of the Paveway missile. ( but they are quiet heavy for that application ) I am still at a loss as to how these ended up at a yard sale! I really appreciate your help on this, thanks again friend..
  2. Yeah Chris thats what I thought, looks like zinc chromate paint to me. Thanks for looking at it. Maybe I will give it some more time and see what else comes up.. JR
  3. I am new to this forum, hope I have the right section to post this! Hello, I have 2 of these Raytheon lenses but I dont know what they are applicable to. They have part number # 3227399-1 on them. ( see pics attached ) was told they may fit a tank but not too sure. Has anyone ever seen these before? Any help is appreciated!!
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