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  1. Thanks a lot; this and your Facebook page are very helpful.
  2. Thanks! Well, it is not full scale. Just saw the Oxford model in 1:76 and it seemed underscale. Have spent some days on the web and did not find the information I wanted. I have scale plans from Geoff Lacey that show an Austin K2 ATV and this has similar dimensions to the K2/Y ambulance (WB 134''). Unfortunately very few pictures on the web give any clue to size (photographers ask people to move away!), but one picture of a canteen version shows a much smaller vehicle, not just WB wise but in total. So were there also Austin BYD like versions (WB 112''). Thanks in advance for any information provided.
  3. Hallo! I am having problems finding the correct dimensions of the Austin Auxiliary Towing Vehicle. Seems to be on par with the K2/Y2 ambulance, but I have found quotes that say that (e.g.,) it was about a foot less wide. Any info, PLEASE?
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