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  1. That's a good point, I'll get in touch with them and see if they might be able to help us out, thanks 😊
  2. Hello everybody, I'm Joe (hopefully the username gives that away 😅), I'm 21 and live at the (not so) sunny seaside in North East Lincolnshire. The military runs through my family a little. The past couple of generations have been through pretty much every service, so we like to get about, and I intend to join up myself in the not too distant future. I've followed this forum for quite a while, but thought now would be a good time to actually join as myself and a friend are attempting to purchase ourselves a vehicle; a beautiful piece of solid rust in the form of an Albion WDHD23 😂. It promises to be a challenge, if we can actually get the bugger home. This is where the second part of my title comes in. Neither of us are in a great place to be able to store any kind of military vehicle at all, we wouldn't even be able to fit a motorbike on our roads some days. We're determined not to let that stop us. I'm wondering if anybody here has a place (or knows of somebody who has a place, etc.) in or near North East Lincolnshire, to store vehicles, who wouldn't mind accommodating two young, eager, military vehicle enthusiasts; and their potential massive truck. 😅😅😅 Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to getting to know people on here. Joe.
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