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  1. In November 2018 I rescued a 1974 Highland Garron, 513 SD, imported by John Jones Scotland. It had been striped down years ago by someone and everything put into containers, which over the years filled with water, chains etc came out in solid lumps fortunately the main body, tracks, gearbox, suspension {not wheels which were beyond repair} inside framework were all there but no engine. The inside steel body had rotted away and I replaced and fitted with an checker plate aluminium one to match the main body tub, I replaced all the 16 wheels and cleaned and fitted the suspension and tracks and put it back on its feet. I bought a Briggs 16hp v twin horizontal shaft engine, a drive clutch and belt to mate up with the gearbox. I also bought from Mark Fhyn New clutch plates, spacers, bearings and compression springs. The clutch plates had to be machined to fit and the springs were useless. After repeated messages to Mark Fhyn no response !!! This is as far as I got, I cannot get the clutches to work correctly and any help or suggestions would be very helpful. Fingers Crossed Harry I tried to add a photo of the clutch but no luck
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