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  1. Bench tested today - with the dynamo running at 1200 rpm the regulator held steady at 8 amps - all good - thanks for your help 👍
  2. Thanks for that - the dynamo has been polarised Neg earth so hopefully all will be well - I am bench testing tomorrow- all the best - s
  3. End of an era - I am glad I drive wranglers ( having said that the JL is too far towards grand voyager for my liking ) .
  4. Hey there -thanks for your reply - I have bought a heavy Lucas style 130883 regulator- I will bench test it on Tuesday and hopefully it will not fry - if it does I will head for an old defender unit - cheers
  5. Hey there - Does anyone recognise this CAV dynamo - 11.5 inches long 5.5 inches diameter - 12v clockwise 1960’s no ID plate ... I have to find a voltage regulator for it and it is difficult without details - even an idea of what vehicle it may have come off would be a good start - any help much appreciated - many thanks in advance - simon
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