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    CvrT crew tent

    interested I will send you a PM
  2. robin33ba07

    Mechanic / Advice Zil 131

    is the rad blind in place ? if it is leave the blind in the open position the engine wont heat that quick join the RussianTruckForum mentioned and do a search of the old threads bound to find a solution
  3. robin33ba07

    Fuel filler

    John1950 ,I have sent you 2 e mails with pictures of the fuel filler you are looking for have you received them ? regards Robin
  4. robin33ba07

    VT 55

    I am thinking about buying a VT55 , a recovery tank based on a T55 chassis ,any one know anything about this vehicle or maybe some one on the forum has one of knows of someone with one ,any help/information gratefully received
  5. robin33ba07

    BA-64 REproduction

    a picture would be nice
  6. robin33ba07

    Fuel filler

    no idea whats it worth ? it will have to be posted from Dublin ? I take you are in the UK I will take some pictures this evening ,whats your e mail (PM)
  7. robin33ba07

    Fuel filler

    I have a complete unit (I think ) it was there last time I looked any use ? the filler is in Dublin regards Robin
  8. robin33ba07

    Alvis Scorpion CVR(T) sales brochure

    how much ?
  9. robin33ba07

    1944 Leyland Hippo

    beautiful ,but way to big for my licence 👾
  10. robin33ba07

    Cvrt parts wanted

    fair enough
  11. robin33ba07

    Cvrt parts wanted

    maybe make me one as well ?
  12. robin33ba07

    Ural 4320.

    hello there what is the year of registration/manufacture of the Ural
  13. robin33ba07

    Uaz 452 for sale

    I am selling my Uaz452 ex ambulance from the Czech Republic ,vehicle located in Dublin https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/uaz-452/19989385
  14. robin33ba07

    Uaz 452

    hello there I am selling my Uaz 452 ,the vehicle is in Dublin https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/uaz-452/19989385
  15. robin33ba07

    Soviet SA-6 SAM Missile

    very dear
  16. robin33ba07

    WTB GRC-9 Power Source and Cables

    need headsets and an operators manual ?
  17. robin33ba07

    Scania TGB411A for sale

    http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a3318/94177 here is a copy of the add I have on Milweb for my Scanis TGB411A its in good condition ,price negotiable Truck is in Ireland
  18. robin33ba07

    Lots of different vehicles!

    good site
  19. robin33ba07

    Uaz 452

    ex radio wagon
  20. robin33ba07

    Cvrt track

    where is the link ?
  21. robin33ba07

    Zil131 cab mounts

    hello there , thttps://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/kesovagora?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 maybe contact Kesovagora ,he is in the Russian Federation ,I have bought a carb ht leads plugs and other items for a Zil 131 stuff arrived
  22. robin33ba07

    White Half Track

    what price did it get to ?
  23. robin33ba07

    Zil 131 rattle

    You can grease the water pump ,it might eliminate one rattle ?
  24. robin33ba07

    Hello - Zil 131

    hello you might have a look at the Russian truckforum its UK based very helpful what sort of body is on your Zil ,I have Zil 131 Decontamination body (ZIL 131 ARS14 ) .
  25. robin33ba07

    Royal Navy Truck