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  1. That’s really helpful Ron, thank you. The box looks really authentic and perhaps I could contact you in a few months to check if you have some. Chris
  2. Good afternoon Ron, I have managed to pull together an original and complete set of forks and it is now with John of JHB for rebushing. Many thanks again for the tip. I am now looking at the remaining non-original parts on the bike and was hoping for a little more advice. Firstly the battery carrier looks original but I was wondering if we know how the battery was housed (if it was) when it came out of the factory. I presume that because of the shortage of rubber during the war that it was a plain metal box. Does that sound right? Secondly the field stand is a repro and the stay is welded to the frame. Do we know if the clamp method was always used to attach it to the frame on the 3HW (mine is a late 44) in which case I will need to find a clamp as well as an original ‘stick’ and pivot bit and grind off the present stay. Thank you Chris
  3. Hi Ron, I was not aware of this chap so that’s a great bit of info for me, thank you. Also your comments re Jake Robbins are very timely, again thank you. Cheers Chris
  4. Hi Ron, Many thanks for this and yes I was aware there was a difference and that once on the 3SW route you have to stick with it. I was only planning on doing that if desperate. I think the cornucopia spindles show the correct part numbers for a 3HW but still refer to being usable for the 3SW! Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been in contact with Jake Robbins but if there is another company in Sussex I would be very interested to have the details. Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to reply and by the way you have an impressive list of kit, well done (I’ve always loved the Austin Tilley) Cheers Chris (an old bloke in a shed with one old motorbike)
  5. Hi Jenkinov Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. Yes I have a reasonably original bike with horrible repro forks that I’m hoping to replace. I’ve been tracking fleabay for about 6 months now and there have been and still are two bare girders (if you count a 3SW) for sale from Sellers in Greece. I’ve contacted them both and apart from a spring that’s all they have. I’ve contacted Cornucopia and they seem to be running down stock, however they have spindles and a head race set which is helpful. It’s the the top and bottom yoke that’s the problem and being cast items they are the dodgiest parts to use a repro for. And they are the worst bits on my bike! I’ve contacted some of the girder fork specialists as well and so far I’ve had no reply. I think what you are suggesting is start collecting reasonable condition bits where you can and hope it comes together eventually, a complete original set (in any condition) only being available under a pile of rocking horse poo! I will start doing that. I will post any significant progress and thanks again for taking the time to reply. Chris
  6. Chris P

    Triumph 3HW

    Hello, Just putting out feelers for any original girder fork parts as this fairly original bike has a horrible reproduction front end that I want to be rid of. To make it easier my email is chris.plunkett@hotmail.co.uk I hope you are all keeping well and cheerful Chris
  7. Hello all, I hope you don’t mind me tagging on to this thread. I’m looking for a set of forks for my 3HW and was wondering if any of you know of some for sale. My email is chris.plunkett@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you Chris
  8. I have been jealously reading the above, very useful information, and was wondering if anyone knows of a pillion seat for sale. I’ve been looking for a while now and would like to fit one for the summer. It’s for a Triumph 3HW and I’m not fussy about the condition. Thanks Chris tel 07800809725
  9. I am also looking for a 3HW in wartime trim so please give me a call if you have one for sale. Chris 07800809725
  10. Hi, I’m hoping to buy a 3HW, preferably already restored, so if anyone hears of one for sale I would be grateful if you could post the details. Chris
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