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  1. Hi all, we are searching for someone who has a flea & has fitted to it a AMAL 223 carb, we wud like to know length of your mixture needle assuming its an original ?, If its been replaced say in last 10 years or so then the info may not b any good ?, Also we need some one trusting enough to loan us said carb again assuming it still has the original mixture needle in it, If the answer is yes than we wud like to borrow it for a while , we wud reward any one trusting enough by doing a full recon on said carb free we wud replace most all & any old shoddy looking parts with new as we have most all of the parts in stock new but with exception of float chamber tops & original mixture needle , we do have one here in good order which has had the recon treatment but doubtfull if it has the original needle in it, we have pics of said item if any one wud like to see, ALso visit us at, VILLIERSPARTS.CO.UK have a look at our amal page , thanks,, GS, Essex, UK .
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