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  1. The Tanks are used as static targets and most of them were destroyed. Only survived the turrets which had been used as static guns (panzerstellung method) above the beaches of the island. They were installed during 60's for reinforcing the coastal defence in case of an invasion (..from our neighbours..). I hope to cover you
  2. Dear Radek, My sincere apology for the delayed answer. Due to my job, I will be able to post any new photos end of September. Many thanks for your vital info. I am sure that with your help I will be able to identify the truck. Have a blessed day v/r Elias
  3. Dear Friends, I have found a british lorry and I would like to identify if the truck is pre WWII model or post war. Attached photos for your comments. As fas as I know these lorries never used with the British Forces in Greece (at least in 1941). During the Greek Civil War a variety of British Armored trucks and vehicles were utilised (military aid). The tag has the letters K3ZC 49987. I wasn't able to trace any info from other open sources on internet. Pending kindly your comments Thank you Elias
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