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  1. Richard, Thanks for your effort and the data sent. Amazing that this material is still accessible. Was the archived material under the auspices of HMVF or do you have alternative source? Once again thanks, I am a newcomer to this site and mightily impressed, thus far. Mick
  2. Richard, Do you have any information on who might have built the SMT trailer? Mick
  3. Towed scraper graveyard at Riccall near York in 2007. They all went to the scrapyard.
  4. Scammell used on Operation Crown in Thailand 1966. Rickety old bridge built by the Japanese WW2. Cat D8H dozer would come off the trailer and cross the padi under its own steam. Arse going sixpence half a crown!
  5. Richard/Wally, These are the trailers I referred to. Used by the RAF's Airfield Construction Branch (ACB) in the 1950s. Mick
  6. What does the SMT signify in the naming of a trailer model? The trailers were used by the RAF's Airfield Construction Branch (ACB) to carry items of plant.
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